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Synonyms for erectile

capable of being raised to an upright position

filled with vascular sinuses and capable of becoming distended and rigid as the result of being filled with blood


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During the study, none of the treatment groups were associated with a significant change in erectile function when compared to their respective placebo groups.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 40 percent of men over 50 years old and is more common in men with cardiovascular risk factors.
Risk factors for erectile dysfunction and CV disease are similar - including older age, smoking, obesity and diabetes, among others.
Erectile dysfunction is an early symptom of artery disease.
With patients being able to browse the Erectile Doctor directory for free, physicians are exposed to many potential clients.
He said while the sudden onset of erectile dysfunction can be due to psychological reasons or stress, a progressive worsening in sexual dysfunction has to be taken seriously.
Conclusion Illicit use of cannabis is a strong predictor of recreational sildenafil use among patients without erectile dysfunction.
For this study, investigators enrolled 30 men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, performed andrologic examinations, and assessed their levels of homocysteine and lipoprotein.
5 grams a day) also had no measurable effect on 30 German men suffering erectile difficulties.
As a result, physicians should ask all men in their practice who are older than 25 about erectile dysfunction at every office visit, he said.
The reasons gay men turn to erectile dysfunction treatments more readily than their straight peers are numerous and complex, but much of the explanation may be rooted in gay male culture's idolization of youth and sexual prowess, says Tony Mills, an openly gay Los Angeles physician and the 1998 International Mr.
In the randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study, 20 patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) due to arterial blood flow problems were evaluated before and after 1 month of therapy with transdermal testosterone (5 mg/ day, n=10) or placebo (n=10) along with sildenafil therapy as needed.
This new initiative further expands upon the company's proprietary expertise in nasal powder drug delivery, which includes developing treatments for late-stage Parkinson's disease and erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction, sometimes called "impotence," is the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.
It is well known that a large number of men experience persistent erectile dysfunction which impacts not only on sexual function but it may also cause emotional distress and relationship discord.