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Synonyms for erect

Synonyms for erect

directed or pointed upward

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for erect

construct, build, or erect

upright in position or posture


of sexual organs


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39-Supplying and erecting electronic type step regulator complete erected on provided switch board.
McWhirter, a Navy veteran, each day erected an American flag at the corner, where the passage of feet and vehicle tires cleared out a bare spot among the sagebrush.
Williamson suggested that the sign is too plain when compared, for instance, with monument signs erected by the city of Thousand Oaks that feature an oak tree.
According to people living in the area, the gate was erected during 1996 - some seven years after Miscikowski and her husband moved in.
Currently the active basins consisting of 27 prestressed concrete rings are being constructed on which the wind turbines will then be erected.
A TELEGRAPH mast erected on a Meltham street has been driving neighbours up the pole.
Engineer Ahmed Binyas, Director of Lighting, said the authority has so far erected 175 poles and laid cables to a length of 7,259 metres in Al Qasimiya University.
Some 2,000 buildings were erected across Kyrgyzstan.
A LOCAL election candidate is facing a hefty fine after his campaign posters were erected nearly a week before the embargo.
A bronze statue of Jesus Christ has been erected in Saidnaya Monastery in Syria.
Working under HE Callahan, IMB erected a 13,500-square-foot pre-engineered metal building for Pine Tree Waste's new ripping facility in Westbrook, Maine.
ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) Enforcement Department has removed obstructions, security barriers erected in front of five star hotels of the federal capital.
The erected case is then transferred by a high speed tape head, where pressure sensitive tape is applied to the outside of the major flaps.
In Sidon, supporters of Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya and the Baath Party clashed Wednesday night after Baath members vandalized anti-President Bashar Assad banners erected by the Islamist group.