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a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group

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Typically, the average individual will require between three and eight treatments from the Erbium Laser, spaced out over a several month period.
Erbium is one of the most important members of the rare earth family in the periodic table of chemical elements.
Figure 3a shows that the erbium content had a significant effect on the occurrence of the bands attributed to the [Er.
Marsh, "but the Erbium laser is light years ahead of anything else.
Clinical trials at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston compared the Erbium Yag with the conventional pulsed CO2 lasers and showed that the Erbium has the same results with far less trauma to skin tissue and little or no pain.
The second erbium fiber being announced is the Lucent General Purpose Erbium Fiber (GP-980), an erbium-doped fiber intended as a cost-effective solution for general-purpose amplifiers and source applications operating in the C-Band (1530-1565 nm).
Frechet and his colleagues are placing rare-earth elements such as erbium inside dendrimers for use in the telecommunications industry In fiber-optic cables, light loses some of its intensity as it travels along, so telephone companies install amplifiers every mile or so to boost the signal.
With expertise in submarine system design, optical transmission, Raman amplifiers, erbium amplifiers, transmission equipment design, manufacturing systems, and analysis of optical transmission, Kidorf Innovative Methods has been serving both military and civilian clients in the field of optical transmission.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Coherent's Medical Group announced today the introduction of the UltraFine(TM) Erbium laser system.
One immediate goal of the researchers is to get erbium to do double duty by glowing both red and green.
These drive down the cost of optical systems and solve valuable real estate issues, much of the current effort has centered on the cost of large-scale production of commonly used discrete components such as Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) and wavelength multiplexers / de -multiplexers.