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an implement used to erase something

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Erasers can come in a variety of shapes that look or smell like food, such as confectionary, lollipops, ice cream cones and even donuts making them attractive to younger children who could easily mistake them for the real thing.
Your little ones will have hours of fun playing with these super cool erasers, which they can collect to show off their coolest Gomu collection ever.
states, "The Love Bug Eraser (TM), containing no chemicals or detergents, will totally clean any and all vehicles using just car wash soap and water, eliminating the need for chemicals.
Grace Georgeson, five, from Southport, with the collection of about 2,500 erasers given to her by her mother
Working on paint stirrers, insulation boards and used rulers, children carve, paint, sticker and redecorate rulers and erasers.
Jenner is left with the POV of one of the Erasers, an angry wolf/human/avian out for vengeance.
There were two erasers -- a little cube-shaped art gum that begged for decoration.
But despite her fascination with erasers, you won't find one in the schoolgirl's pencil case.
The range includes hard-backed project files, pencil cases, erasers, wallets, ruler and note books.
In the presence of a metal catalyst, such as nickel, and a diamond seed crystal, the CVD material dissolves into the catalyst and recrystallizes into gem-quality diamonds as big as pencil erasers.
Clean Magic Erasers reach into surface grooves, lifting away the toughest soils with water alone.
The Love Bug Erasers are available on the Internet in single packs and three packs, or to reach high or hard to reach areas, three different kits are available.
This epigenetic world is made up of three classes of proteins: writers, erasers and readers, collectively the "instruction manual" that tells a gene when to activate and when to cease activation.
In this installment of the SF trilogy, the six young people are flying down the East Coast, searching for their parents, when one of them is badly hurt in a clash with Erasers and they're forced to lie low while he recovers.
The Mars[R] Plastic Erasers from STAEDTLER are latex-free--and always have been.