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an implement used to erase something

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In addition, Privacy Eraser Free keeps track of traces left by third-party applications and easily removes unnecessary remnants, thanks to 250+ pre-configured plugins for all popular apps, not to mention user-configured plugins.
Small children would not be able to tell the difference between bubble gum and erasers, and it would be devastating if we had to wait for an injury or death to occur before something was done, she said.
Privacy Eraser Free 4 offers a lot for a user who wants to keep the system fast, healthy and secure.
Salt Eraser is currently available to consumers at ACO Hardware, Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Auto Value, Canadian Tire, Meijer, Mills Fleet Farm, O'Reilleys, Pep Boys, The Anderson's and Travel Centers of America.
Blancco LUN Eraser erases logical and physical drives detected by UNIX and Windows operating systems.
It could turn the Great Eraser in to an institution that actually supports Northern Development.
Some claim to have seen the group rocking out to East Bay hardcore bands Look Back and Laugh, Mind Eraser, Outraged, and Issei Sagawa at the all-ages Balazo Gallery before the movie had let out.
The highest new entry in the album chart is Radiohead's Thom Yorke with new LP The Eraser.
She would have been first, but she forgot her new penguin eraser and had to go back to her desk for it.
The pen tray has been redesigned to hold ergonomic pens and an eraser and incorporates a Help button and an expansion slot, which enables the hardware to be upgraded over time.
The SMART Pen Tray has been redesigned to hold ergonomic pens and an eraser, and it incorporates a newly designed help button and hardware expansion slot.
Procter & Gamble has taken its Flash household cleaning brand into new territory with the launch of Flash Mark&Stain Eraser.
The body was a remnant of a peel-off pencil eraser painted with Wite-Out, with hooks attached by a wire that also formed the loop for the line.
Pei and Oleg Cassini and movie sets for Eraser, Broadway Danny Rose and Two Bits with Al Pacino.