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Synonyms for erase

Synonyms for erase

Synonyms for erase

remove from memory or existence


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remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing

wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information

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In her opinion, the fact that with a legal amendment these 39,502 "phantoms" have already been erased, that is, they will reappear in the list provided they register themselves, is absurd and in breach of the Constitution.
Earlier this year, claims emerged in the media that police officials in the Diyarbakyr Police Department who are members of the Hizmet movement carried out a number of illegal wiretaps since 2008, but erased the recordings recently when they feared that they would be caught.
If, after the flash array has been erased, there is a power loss during the upgrade process, the random access memory (RAM) content will be lost or corrupted.
When the overrecording ends and is long enough for the video record heads to have reached the fully erased portion of the VHS tape (at the end of the pre-video recorded area), then a portion of completely erased tape will follow the end of the newly written video.
Next, after reviewing the change and my comment (see screenshot below), I either approved or rejected them and then closed the tool with the expectation that my changes and comments were permanently erased.
A MAN accused of headbutting a security guard has been cleared after a court heard a tape of the alleged incident was erased.
Also, WalMart is now an international organization and they probably fear any form of nativist expression, no matter how well meaning such conversation may be, because for them perhaps the borders are already erased.
They also erased a traffic violation record of another former secretary of Shirakawa in July the same year, the ruling said.
AB 2246 requires that electronic records, docments or recordings of a customer's personal information be shredded, erased or otherwise obliterated before disposal.
However, a bigger question is whether erased data can be recovered.
And erased is every homework assignment, including the American History term paper that took a week to grind out.
Not making sure that your hard drive is thoroughly erased is one of the leading causes of data theft and data security breaches.
Following the publication of voters erased from the electoral roll, the BESA Movement accused of a flagrant breach of fundamental human rights.
His poignantly funny new film ``Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,'' directed by Michel Gondry, (``Human Nature'') is the story of a heartbroken man (Jim Carrey) who has the memory of his ex-lover (Kate Winslet) erased by a team of crackpot scientists.
When an LTO cartridge is degaussed, the servo tracks are erased along with any data and the tape becomes unusable.