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capable of being effaced


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In today's competitive and environmentally-conscious landscape, Toshiba demonstrates strength in innovation with the launch of its e-STUDIO4508LP, the industry's first hybrid MFP that prints in both black and white and erasable blue," Valerie Alde-Hayman, industry analyst at gap intelligence.
The Phase I SBIR grant allowed NDL to investigate erasable optical holographic storage for high speed imaging using bacteriorhodopsin and other erasable polymer-based materials.
PLEASE SEND ME QTY PRICE TOTAL A265 - Nine-piece erasable puzzle pen set PS12.
A recent study conducted by Pilot uncovered strong demand for an erasable pen, the company says, as long as it really works.
Then it moves on logically to studies of erasable tablets and autograph manuscripts used for composing.
An erasable printer ink could offer a better way to reuse and recycle office paper, say scientists at Toshiba Corp.
Even when erasable media is used, records cannot be systematically destroyed because the systems lack the features necessary for systematic records retention (such as those found in the records management software).
However, another technology that marries the magnetic and optical technology makes such disks erasable and rerecordable.
To this he added a variety of chalk sketches, sculptural pieces, word images, and diagrams to suggest a three-dimensional erasable worksheet.
Designed with two multifunction drives, the RF-25JM accepts any combination of write-once or erasable optical discs.
Since an erasable drive can also be used to write once to a disc, it takes WORM applications one step further.
The other solution is to buy new data storage hardware, which comes in a mind-boggling number of formats, including tape backup systems, high-capacity removable disks, WORM (Write Once, Read Many) drives and erasable optical drives.
Berg and Roth direct their volume to current and potential users (not specifically librarians) of WORM (write-once read-many) and erasable discs and jukebox devices.
Final Patent for Company's Universal, Recallable, Erasable, Secure & Timed Delivery Email Patent Application
4) Painting of glass or ceramic erasable low viscosity (10 Unit)