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capable of being effaced


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VBoard Master is at the top of its class, earning A+ results across the board, with more than 63 percent of study participants rating the VBoard better than competitors in terms of erasability, low ink odor and durability.
The easy erasability and rapid reprogrammability of the MTP device results in an accelerated manufacturing cycle and hence, lower manufacturing costs.
Magneto-optical CDs: Although these can be erased multiple times and reused, the price of erasability is noncompatibility.
Advanced-SERL overcomes the difficulties in CD-RW re-writing to ensure sufficient erasability at high speeds, reduction of media noise during erase/rewrite cycles, and a long archival life.
All MTP products combine the electrical erasability of flash with the cost-effectiveness of EPROM.
The easy erasability and rapid reprogrammability of the MTP device saves significant time and cost during the manufacturing cycle.
PolyVision's laboratory tests show that P3 ceramicsteel dramatically improves coverage, contrast and erasability on chalkboards, vastly improving the visibility of written material in schools, universities and offices around the world", stated Mr.
Through high erasability and high recording sensitivity, we have achieved a very high level of reliability.
SmartStor's UDF file system provides full erasability, making writing data to rewritable, removable media similar to that of writing to a hard disk.
Our MTP product family was designed to combine the electrical erasability of flash memory with the cost effectiveness of EPROM.
NOR offers a quick read time of 100 nanoseconds and easy erasability.
The AND of Hitachi is a new cell structure that incorporates the features of NAND and NOR structures, and provides higher integration and single power-source operation at lower voltage, as well as small block erasability in units of 512 bytes.
Erasability allows users to update their files, to make changes and to re-use disc space.