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Synonyms for eradicator

someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects)

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Today's "New Sewage," sanitary wipes, plastic bags, feathers, hair, sludge and other clog prone material are easily handled by Eradicator.
Cimex Eradicator is an innovative, environmentally friendly solution specifically for pest control.
Well, high school came and went and I was no closer to understanding ink eradicators.
Higgins shot instinctively for many years before eventually opting to put an Eradicator Bow Sight on his hunting rig.
Henderson, the famed smallpox eradicator and head of the newly created Office of Public Health Preparedness at HHS, was rebuffed.
8226;Added OpenFeint support: collect the achievements and show your friends who's the best zombie eradicator.
All About Game's new Eradicator Kit features products that have been proven to eliminate unsightly odors from hunters and their gear.
The organisation's current president, Malek Boutih, is the son of Algerian parents and has been described in Le Monde newspaper as a `dynamiter of taboos and an eradicator of generally accepted ideas'.
Relative to a very strong season in 2008, sales of this highly profitable mosquito eradicator were off by about 70% this year.
During 2011, seven police, one military, and one civilian eradicator were killed during manual operations, compared to 32 in 2010.
This event was developed by Chris Ojakian, OJAKIAN TENNIS founder, tennis Master Professional, and committed MS eradicator, to raise funds to help families with this debilitating disease.
The Eradicator functions like the iron sights on a firearm with a combined rear leaf and front post design.
At the same time, we have increased our in-house development of new series, like Deadlock and Eradicator.
Because quick, accurate shots are key to success, I equipped my new bow with an Eradicator sight.
In addition, bundled in are two new titles that take advantage of Creative's technology: Accolade's Eradicator, and EA/Bullfrog's Magic Carpet 2.