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Synonyms for eradicator

someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects)

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Cimex Eradicator will be available after the company completes EPA registration.
Well, high school came and went and I was no closer to understanding ink eradicators.
Therefore, I really like a single-pin setup like the Eradicator.
the fig of Carthage and the eradicator of Carthage--the younger Scipio
Date Granted Pencil with Eraser 19,783 3/30/1858 Eradicable carbon paper 3,104,173 9/17/1963 Erasable ink 3,875,105 4/1/1975 Type correction paper 4,055,704 10/25/1977 Pen with Ink Eradicator 4,227,930 10/14/1980 Correction pen D428,411 7/8/2000
Henderson, the famed smallpox eradicator and head of the newly created Office of Public Health Preparedness at HHS, was rebuffed.
This sleek, modular carbine would make a fine hog eradicator with either the company's new subsonic Elite 220-grain (its new SIG-designed bullet functions better in full mags--a problem with other subsonic rounds) or 125-grain supersonic loads.
amp;nbsp;A year later, however, Kal-El was brought to life with the help of The Last Son of Krypton, also known as the Eradicator.
What's new: Clog-prone solids are no match for the new Gorman-Rupp Eradicator solids-management system.
As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Gap Eradicator, Christina's business and team are dedicated to delivering fractional CMO services on demand and on point marketing strategy When & Where clients need it.
All About Game's new Eradicator Kit features products that have been proven to eliminate unsightly odors from hunters and their gear.
The organisation's current president, Malek Boutih, is the son of Algerian parents and has been described in Le Monde newspaper as a `dynamiter of taboos and an eradicator of generally accepted ideas'.
Relative to a very strong season in 2008, sales of this highly profitable mosquito eradicator were off by about 70% this year.
In addition to tannin offerings, the AEB Group has carried for several years an enzyme eradicator, Endozym Antibotrytis, developed by Pascal Biotech, which contains a protease that breaks up laccase, as well as a glucanase that breaks down beta-glucans.
8226;Added OpenFeint support: collect the achievements and show your friends who's the best zombie eradicator.