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At their April 1996 meeting, the trustees approved a regional and international award (decision 132) to recognize special contributions made by the Rotarians toward the goal of polio eradication.
Takashi Kurai, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan said: 'Maintaining the strong polio surveillance system that has been established in Pakistan remains critical for eradication work.
Takashi Kurai, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, said: 'Maintaining the strong polio's surveillance system that has been established in Pakistan remains critical for eradication of the disease.
Addressing the meeting, the Chief Secretary said that efforts for polio eradication be stepped up, adding that no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.
Some beneficiaries of the Poverty Eradication Programme in Selokolela have complained of loss of small stock in large numbers due to diseases and theft.
He said, "We will make poverty eradication a part of PPP manifesto".
3) In clinical trials, supplementation with NAC markedly increased the success rate of conventional eradication therapy, both in patients who had previously had multiple unsuccessful attempts to eradicate H.
The Contribution to Global Disease Eradication system was first, and temporarily, introduced under the name of Contribution to Global Poverty Eradication system in 2007.
pylori is involved in the development of several gastroduodenal diseases, including gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, gastric adenocarcinoma and gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma and its eradication could change the natural history of some of these.
pylori antigens in dental plaque and saliva of patients undergoing a systemic eradication treatment.
Jean Marc Olive, Chairman Technical Advisory Group (TAG)has said that it is good to see achievements towards polio eradication in FATA and we are really close to polio eradication.
Shortly afterward, in January 1966, the CDC Smallpox Eradication Program was established in the Office of the CDC Director, demonstrating strong agency-wide commitment to smallpox eradication and enabling deployment of resources across the agency.
Of 3,294 participants assigned to eradication therapy, 51 (1.