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a respondent who avoids giving a clear direct answer

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Garnett's status as a treasonous equivocator thereafter called into question the loyalty of any Catholic, for--so the argument went--no one could trust a Catholic who swore an oath of loyalty to the Crown: was the oath in earnest, or was it merely an instance of clever equivocation?
Unfortunately, Duncombe is so sensitive to all sides that he becomes a master equivocator, demanding that the 'zine community make good on its counterhegemonic culture-mongering by actively engaging in political revolution on the one hand, and admitting that utopia is a lie but 'zines are a nice, small step toward a better world on the other.
There is much on reading and writings in Daniel Woolf's excursion around James Howell, Hoyle's opposite in being a survivor, dissimulator, equivocator, and pragmatic royalist who flattered Cromwell.
Therefore, it can be said that 'much drink may be said to be an equivocator with lechery' (2.
The play is presided over by the figure of the Equivocator who is a composite character.
After the equivocator is let into hell, there's an English tailor who steals cloth by making his customer's pants smaller than he should.
In the prologue, the Equivocator assures the audience that the end of the play is the same as that of history:
yet could not equivocate to heaven: O, come in, equivocator.
11) On Murray's first point, McGuinness's tricksters clearly manipulate impressions and realities; figures like Pyper in Observe The Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme (1985), Dido in Carthaginians (1988), the File in Mutabilitie (1998) or the Equivocator (who is a taunter, devil, satyr, tempter, and conscience figure) in Speaking Like Magpies (2005), offer a plasticity of perspective, that alters temporal and spatial configurations.
Therefore, much drink may be said to be an equivocator with lechery; it makes him, and it mars him; it sets him on, and it takes him off; it persuades him, and disheartens him, makes him stand to, and not stand to.
There are consistent attempts to tie them, to mend them and indeed by the end, with the triumphant revenge of Macduff and the successful ascent of Malcolm to the throne of Scotland, aided benevolently by his English allies, it would appear that right wins the day, anarchy is sent packing, and the forces of darkness are exposed as the liars, equivocators, and illusionists they prove themselves to be when they utter their promises to Macbeth about his future.
If you ask the Equivocators their favorite color, they answer, "Red.
Equivocators adopt ambiguous strategies where they fail to emphasize any of the strategy dimensions mentioned.
They had intermarried with the governing and merchant classes, and many New Christians now feared persecution as equivocators.