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in an ambiguous manner


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Sharing information about the nature of a treatment boosted the beneficial effects of both active treatment and placebo in a prospective study of episodic migraine patients who received treatments with a pill that was truthfully, equivocally, or untruthfully labeled across a series of migraine episodes.
But for several Muslims, the design had to be fully equivocally condemned.
Thermal contrast removed the subjectivity of borderline, equivocally positive LFA results.
It would be great injustice if I call it a day without celebrating the losing candidate for Mombasa governor in the March 4, 2013 elections - Mr Suleiman Shabhal, who today in his Facebookpage@SuleimanShabhal for Governor 2012, took time off his busy schedule to equivocally endorse my appointment as tourism and culture secretary, Mombasa county and with the same article praise our vision and plan for tourism numbers uptake in Mombasa, Njaramba posted on October 9, 2013.
Although, we do not find evidence here to equivocally support or denounce our model, or the strategic stakeholder benefits of the network approach, we strongly suggest that our findings motivate further and richer investigation.
The event was packed out over each of the four days and the reaction from both stallholders and from the public was equivocally in praise of the festival.
But national selector John InVerarity, for one, is keeping the faith - albeit a little EQUIVOCALLY.
In addition, those studies equivocally have reported that results from such an adjustment are overall robust compared to the unadjusted results (Han.
Limited evidence is available to equivocally support the exclusive use of either controlled or partial ventilator support modes, as no comparator studies were sufficiently powered to assess mortality.
In Coleridge's play, the intended dupe, Maria, escapes the fate of Othello, but equivocally so.
Robin Woodhead, Chairman of Sotheby's International, said: "Tonight's sale in Doha demonstratesun equivocally Qatar's central role as a cultural hub of the entire MENA region.
While the information from Samsung's UAPROF does not equivocally confirm what features with which the device will ship, it is a great indicator of its makeup.
Even at this late stage of his degradation--after the murder of Lady Macduff and her children, after the death of his wife, after the belated recognition that he deceived himself in believing the equivocating fiend--Macbeth is still capable of thinking pitiably, indeed almost compassionately, about someone who serves him equivocally, because Macbeth has produced a world in which equivocation is the rule.
Across the textual spectrum, it could be said that suicide is regarded equivocally, tending to fall roughly into two uneasily opposed camps.
If one considers the legacy of Oakes, beyond its reach as a balancing test in judicial review of legislative impingement of guaranteed rights, and considers its impact on other criminal law balancing tests, such as the ancillary powers test, the impact of Oakes might be read more equivocally.