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Thus grows up Fashion, an equivocal semblance, the most puissant, the most fantastic and frivolous, the most feared and followed, and which morals and violence assault in vain.
Wrench, said that the symptoms yesterday might have been disguising, and that this form of fever was very equivocal in its beginnings: he would go immediately to the druggist's and have a prescription made up in order to lose no time, but he would write to Mr.
Johnson, the man who had chafed me raw when I first came aboard, seemed the least equivocal of the men forward or aft.
Thou must ever be equivocal, trivocal, quadrivocal, and quinquivocal
Jos had always had rather a mean opinion of the Captain, and now began to think his courage was somewhat equivocal.
It was not the fact that he was in an equivocal position, staring into a house which did not belong to him, with his feet on somebody else's private soil, that caused Bill to act as he did.
They, who were of that equivocal age which admitted them to the hunts, while their discretion was still too doubtful to permit them to be trusted on the war-path, hung around the skirts of the whole, catching, from the fierce models before them, that gravity of demeanour and restraint of manner, which in time was to become so deeply ingrafted in their own characters.
Abiram, alone, formed a solitary exception to this state of equivocal repose.
Diagnostic category by DPC IFAB RIA Diagnostic category by Access IFAB Negative Equivocal Positive Total Negative 61 6 2 69 Equivocal 0 3 0 3 Positive 0 2 53 55 Total 61 11 55 127
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunoglobulin (Ig) M ELISA and the PanBio (Columbia, MD) IgM ELISA produced equivocal results and the PanBio IgG ELISA results were negative.
Findings on fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of the neck mass were equivocal, demonstrating only abnormal cells.
In the second section, the other absolute metaphors mediate respectively the production of colonialism itself as "an object of knowledge" (185) with the audience as its subject in John Fletcher's Island Princess (1621) and the equivocal confirmation-by-denial of the culture of commercial exchange in Dryden's Amboyna (1673).
Papava is somewhat equivocal but by and large he comes out as a convinced libertarian, quoting John Marshall: "The power to tax involves the power to destroy.
Davis has branded himself as Mr Hard Man on terror, drawing attention to Howard's equivocal stance.
Results of other studies on bladder and pancreatic cancer are equivocal.