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Synonyms for equivalent

Synonyms for equivalent

agreeing exactly in value, quantity, or effect

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

Synonyms for equivalent

a person or thing equal to another in value or measure or force or effect or significance etc

the atomic weight of an element that has the same combining capacity as a given weight of another element

being essentially equal to something


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Linear scan voltammograms (LSVs) (or equivalently cathodic part of cyclic voltammograms) were selected for simulation.
Scanning probe technologies such as atomic force microscopes (AFMs) return spatial maps with atomic-scale detail; but until now, no equivalently accessible tool to investigate chemical and physical properties at such a length scale was available.
However, the Commission stresses the need to further harmonise and strengthen member states' approaches to ensure that fraud is fought equivalently across the EU.
25-inch OD system is intended for use with the D60x90 through D100x140 Navigator HDD, the Ditch Witch JT100 and equivalently rated drills.
He made many conjectures, among them was flyping conjecture which states that the number of crossings is the same for any reduced projection of an alternating knot or equivalently "Two reduced alternating knots are equivalent iff they can be converted into one another by flypes" The conjecture was proved by Menasco and Thistlewaite [3,4] by using Jones Polynomial.
In 2001, the existence of left-handed materials (LHMs) was experimentally verified by Smith and co-workers by using a split-ring resonator and a thin wire [5]; in 2002, the composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH-TL) was first proposed by Caloz and Itoh, this structure provides left-handed (LH) and right-handed (RH) characteristics at low and high frequency bands respectively [2]; in 2006, the equivalently model of D-CRLH-TL was proposed by Caloz, according to the equivalently model of CRLH-TL [3].
v1]) is equivalently shorted and another end loaded by varactor ([C.
Setsit 104EZ contains fewer odor-causing chemicals, while still performing equivalently to Setsit 104, providing the same rate and state-of-cure.
The company's new medium performs equivalently to the industry's leading medium and provides academic and pharmaceutical stem cell research labs with a substantially lower cost alternative to higher priced media.
So the choice among alternative risk levels can be translated into a choice among different expected present values of future cash flows, or, equivalently, among different estimates of the firm's value, expressed in dollars, for alternative choices of a risk level.
This equipment is able to perform equivalently to ballistic missiles, which can be effective in deterring the North," the official said.
Chalga" is a term often used equivalently to "pop-folk" in Bulgaria, both describing a genre generally considered to be "low" and frequently criticized for its sexually-explicit lyrics.
44 solar masses, or equivalently, the minimum mass, above which a star will ultimately collapse into a neutron star or black hole (following a supernova).
We found that younger adults performed equivalently in the experiment, but older adults were more adept at adjusting their strategy to fit the goals of the task," Maddox stated.
In this instance, comparing the response to the set of all possible outcomes organised according to the ratio of heads to tails, that is, {3H and 0T, 2H and 1T, 1H and 2T, 0H and 3T} (or equivalently {{HHH}, {HTT, THT, TTH}, {HHT, HTH, THH}, {TTT}}) is more appropriate than comparing the response to the sample space, that is, {HHH, HTT, THT, TTH, HHT, HTH, THH, TTT}.