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two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context


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Table 1: Equivalence of English and Chinese basic vocabulary Number of equivalent words Number of words Percentage Single equivalent word 68 words 10% 2 or more equivalent words 614 words 90%
Each section gives the part of speech and the equivalent word or phrase in the other language for about 10,000 words related to different areas of the field.
The Basic Skills Agency campaign called on youngsters to read everything from books, comics, road signs and labels to reach the one million word total by the Christmas - the equivalent word count of two copies of the famous novel War and Peace.
We were going to do it in Chinese but there's no equivalent word for 'nook'," laughs Jeanette Murray, the new Lady of The Nook since July.
16 Wagner's opera GUtterdemmerung translates as Twilight Of The Gods - what is the equivalent word in Scandinavian myth, which actually means Fate of the Gods?
The words in one language will not have equivalent words in any another language.
The translator must identify the equivalent words in Urdu to use.
The equivalent words in many other languages are similarly based on the Latin and Greek originals.
Each lesson contains simple b&w drawings illustrating all signs, English equivalent words and synonyms, sample sentences to define vocabulary context, and practice sentences to reinforce ASL usage.
If we have nice Dari equivalent words, why we should use foreign terms?
Gaudreau said, pointing to the equivalent words in Latin inscribed above the doorway to the sanctuary.
Bannon covers writing dialogue, developing character profiles, identifying dramatic and equivalent words and terms, dialect and slang, common mistakes, and more.
Recall, by Proposition 8, any two shifted plactic equivalent words are plactic equivalent, or in other words, plactic classes decompose into a union of shifted plactic classes.
2 million equivalent words so one word is worth approximately 0.
It was not just a matter of looking in a dictionary and finding the equivalent words, because many of the words in Latin do not have corresponding terms in Asian languages.