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the state of being equivalent

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Definition 3 Let P be a poset and let ~ be an equivalence relation on P.
The universal equivalence relation E = T x T is arranged while the identity relation E = {(x,x) : x [member of] t} is not whenever t contains more than one element.
The first published study designed to investigate the relationship between language and stimulus equivalence or derived equivalence relations was reported in the mid-eighties (Devany, et al.
The following theorem due to Hivert and Nzeutchap [13] shows that an equivalence relation on [A.
Equivalence relations are presented as examples of associative concepts.
O'Donnell and Saunders (2003) state that "Although it is generally agreed that there is a close relation between equivalence relations and language, there is some disagreement as to the nature of this relation.
Therefore, the present findings also call for adopting Sidman's (2000) definition, which permits the use of different training and testing procedures to establish and evaluate the emergence of equivalence relations.
The transfer of specific and general onsequential functions through simple and conditional equivalence relations.
The provision that all positive elements of a contingency enter into an equivalence relation suggests a mechanism by which the development of analytic units and equivalence relations can interact.
Participant 9537 emitted 870 training trials to reach the training criterion, and her responding on directly trained trials, symmetry relations, and equivalence relations was at approximately chance level during the test.
For these test trials, therefore, there was a conflict between the arbitrary equivalence relation that was predicted based on the trained conditional discriminations and the pre-experimentally established non-arbitrary relation of sameness (in terms of colour) between the sample and comparison stimuli.
Equivalence relations and behavior: A research story.
While lower division mathematics courses focus on techniques, he says, upper division courses treat theory, in particular logic, set theory, the use of functions, equivalence relations, and so on.
Now we are defining the new Definition of Mealy Machine based on Neutrosophic Relation and Equivalence Relations as: