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the state of being equivalent

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In a building [DELTA], parallelism is an equivalence relation on the set of all the residues if and only if any spherical residue of rank 2 is either thin or right-angled.
K] is an NP-soft equivalence relation because it is symmetric, transitive and reflexive.
We do so by putting an equivalence relation on the poset and then ordering the equivalence classes.
An equivalence relation E on t is called arranged if the family of all equivalence classes is arranged.
This research on the RFT approach to language development is based on pioneering work on stimulus equivalence and derived equivalence relations.
r](Q) is a normal subgroup, then the equivalence relation induced by the orbits ofthe right-regular permutation group R([?
The refined second lesson plan also included definitions of the reflexive, symmetric, and transitive properties as well as a definition of an equivalence relation.
Clearly, transposition is an equivalence relation in [\[Z.
The revisions involve replacing the relations originally invoked in the intuitive criteria by equivalence relations which are closest possible approximations to them.
There are two basic elements in rough set theory, crisp set and equivalence relation ,which constitute the mathematical basis of RSs.
Hence condition (i) tells us that S is an equivalence relation on M.
Recall that an equivalence relation = defined on [A.
n]I equivalence relation, on the other hand, is not a function, since any given pc set can mapped into as many as 23 others, in addition to the trivial mapping of all pc sets into themselves under [T.
A regular category C is said to be efficiently regular, when, in addition, any equivalence relation S, on an object X, which is included in an effective equivalence relation S [?
It is merely an equivalence relation in which conceptual stimuli are class members.