risk arbitrage

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arbitrage involving risk

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Given that the bullish undertone is likely to continue, we believe it is the right time to look at equity arbitrage funds.
Because of media coverage on transactions in the whole banking industry with perhaps groundless withholding tax credits in the context of equity arbitrage transactions over the dividend record date, the management board of HSH Nordbank had pro-actively initiated an independent investigation already in December 2012.
Relative-value strategies delivered their fourth consecutive month of positive returns in March, as the Morningstar Convertible Arbitrage, Morningstar Debt Arbitrage, and Morningstar Equity Arbitrage Hedge Fund Indexes advanced 0.
Atlantic Alpha was founded in 2006 to manage a fully-hedged equity arbitrage fund based on Dr.
Matos' key responsibility is hedge fund research for Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS) as part of the Credit, Equity Arbitrage, and Fixed Income / Trading strategy Clusters.
Atlantic-Alpha Strategies was founded in 2006 to manage a fully-hedged equity arbitrage fund based on Dr.
E[acute accent]The MSCI Hedge Invest Strategy Indices subdivide the composite MSCI Hedge Invest Index, enabling a more granular investment exposure to the following distinct hedge fund strategies: Systematic Trading, Discretionary Trading, Event-Driven and Merger Arbitrage, Long Bias, Variable Bias, Equity Non-Directional, Convertible and Equity Arbitrage, and Fixed Income.