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Synonyms for equity

Synonyms for equity

the state, action, or principle of treating all persons equally in accordance with the law

Synonyms for equity

the difference between the market value of a property and the claims held against it

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the ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation

conformity with rules or standards

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It is the peculiar province, for instance, of a court of equity to relieve against what are called hard bargains: these are contracts in which, though there may have been no direct fraud or deceit, sufficient to invalidate them in a court of law, yet there may have been some undue and unconscionable advantage taken of the necessities or misfortunes of one of the parties, which a court of equity would not tolerate.
Whilst the debate goes forward on the equity of commerce, and will not be closed for a century or two, New and Old England may keep shop.
All infractions of love and equity in our social relations are speedily punished.
He shared his lunch with her with a boy's rigid equity, even to the half of a hard-boiled egg and the half of a big red apple.
Nature assisted all my arguments to evidence to him even the necessity of a great First Cause, an overruling, governing Power, a secret directing Providence, and of the equity and justice of paying homage to Him that made us, and the like; but there appeared nothing of this kind in the notion of an evil spirit, of his origin, his being, his nature, and above all, of his inclination to do evil, and to draw us in to do so too; and the poor creature puzzled me once in such a manner, by a question merely natural and innocent, that I scarce knew what to say to him.
Glegg's experience; nothing of that kind had happened among the Dodsons before; but it was a case in which her hereditary rectitude and personal strength of character found a common channel along with her fundamental ideas of clanship, as they did in her lifelong regard to equity in money matters.
This Statement also does not address certain financial instruments indexed partly to the issuer's equity shares and partly, but not predominantly, to something else.
It might be a fairer statement to say that there's an explosion of private equity growth worldwide in many industries, and the insurance industry is just one of them," said Robert Hartwig, chief economist for the Insurance Information Institute.
To summarize, the program allows investors to take a 39% Federal tax credit over a seven-year period on the equity invested in qualified entities, known as community development entities (CDEs).
Shares, assets or ownership interests of a company or other entity include any debt or equity security, warrant, option, partnership interest, trust certificate or other instrument representing an ownership interest in the company or entity, whether voting or nonvoting.
Fortunately, private equity funding is real, not make-believe.
Enron Capital & Trade Resources, an integrated energy company, recently used private equity to secure long-term funds for expansion.
Are VRPs debt or equity for the purpose of determining whether payments are dividends or interest income?
Adveq, together with Kyoto University, one of the leading universities in Japan, analyzed the private equity investment behavior and future intentions of Japanese company pension funds, industry association pension funds, insurance companies, banks, investment advisory companies, securities companies and other financial service providers.