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the sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements

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Dressage Working Equitation A: 1st Jamiela Haseid / Eid Working Equitation B: 1st Lucy Lunt Bell /Rakard Preliminary A: 1st Maggie Andersson / Banjo, 2nd Nina Owen / Otto, 3rd Manon Cote / Sirocco.
A standard equitation course using the centre's horses costs pounds 849 a week staying in an en-suite room in the guest house, pounds 789 in a standard room and pounds 555 in the students' hostel.
In all equitation competition, riders are judged on their form and imperceptible control over their horses as they execute precise patterns.
Equitation riders were Elana, Joannah Barnsdell, from Corley, near Coventry, on Buckledown, Tanworth-in-Arden's Ginny Townsend, on Shaky Start and Lynda Cockrill, on Seymour's Secret.
Teammate Vincent Peterson had two golds and a silver, earning first places in equitation and pole bending and getting a silver in trails.
She was the youngest competitor of the day, took home first prize in the Working Equitation B, then in her first attempt at Preliminary A, deftly clinched third position.
EQUITATION RESULTS: Class 1 Lead Rein - 1 Georgia McDade, Star.
The Working Equitation A, truly a lovely first class for any age, saw new riders take their primary steps.
The club holds dressage, show jumping and equitation points shows throughout the summer.
The afternoon got under way in one arena with Working Equitation A, which I am hugely pleased to report was beautifully won by young Harrison Blake (woo hoo
Equitation Championship: Haydn Davies (Rockhill Castle Monarch).
Sites - Montlhery (91) - driving range Montlhery - Corlus Street - 91240 Ollainville;- Bretigny (91) - 217 ex airbase - flight test center - departmental input D19 - 91220 Bretigny-sur-Orge except Biomedical Research Institute of the Armed Forces (IRBA)- Bretigny (91) - ELOCA - rue du General Delestraint - 91220 Bretigny-sur-Orge;- Fontainebleau (91) - Sports Centre military equitation - Maintenon Avenue - 77300 Fontainebleau;- Varennes-sur-Seine (77) - logistics support center AES - 105 avenue Albert Grave 115b - 77130 Varennes-sur-Seine.
During the following week there will be a four-day course culminating in an equitation competition, prize-giving and certification presentation for those who successfully complete it.
There were a variety of classes to suit all abilities, including equitation, bonny pony, best mane and tail, fancy-dress, handy pony, gymkhanas and a good variety of jumping classes - from beginners lead-rein j u m p i n g t o t h e v e r y p o p u l a r ' Chase-me-Charlie'' high jump competition, where the jump goes higher and higher, which made the spectators hold their breath, then cheer and clap, with excitement as Ted, the small brave pony ridden by Alice Redman, from Scapegoat Hill, beat all his rivals, by almost flying.
This procurement process will establish a single supplier contract for the Supply and Delivery of Equine Rations to the CAFRE Enniskillen Campus for its Breeding, Equitation, Racing, and Young stock enterprises.