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in an equitable manner


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He relates equitably with Nigerians in business and in politics without greed or sentiments.
STOCKHOLM - The top UN official for refugees called on Tuesday for the European Union to consider imposing a quota system to force its nations to more equitably handle a spike in asylum seekers.
Target 11 calls for effectively and equitably managed conservation areas covering at least 17 per cent of the world's terrestrial areas and ten per cent of marine areas-especially areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services-by 2020.
Aquino III gave this advice to the fresh graduates of 2014 while encouraging them to contribute in building an equitably progressive country.
I suggest that they get their own house in order first and seek to treat all of Wales equitably before castigating others when they are doing it themselves
Even twenty years after the fall of former Yugoslavia, Serbs kept their privileges but unlike them, the Albanians are still not equitably represented in the judiciary, public enterprises, finances and statistics.
HYDERABAD, May 09, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The survival of the country depends on an active tax collection system applied equitably to all segments of the economy.
01) were least equitably distributed, being disproportionately concentrated among the poor; these were followed by teenage pregnancy (p<0.
The money will be used to generate greater numbers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates, and to ensure that minority and economically disadvantaged students are equitably represented in these critically important fields.
True federalism would mean that no section of the polity suffers from inequality in national wealth distribution, that there are no losers in the political process by virtue of minority and majority role in the political order, that all federating unit members equitably benefit from the national wealth and share equitably in creation of the national income, and that the national political and economic order does no suppress or disenfranchise minority populations.
May, however, also expressed concerns that US Congress is failing to create the needed funding reforms to equitably pay for the transition to NextGen.
The Spanish were more concerned about problems regarding unjust distribution of the natural resources and possible ways to equitably distribute them.
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego diocese has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to handle more than 140 clergy sexual abuse claims equitably.
With these tools, health systems can be strengthened in different country contexts to deliver interventions effectively, efficiently, and equitably.
In wrapping up its findings, the EdTrust authors recommended raising public awareness of the need to invest more tax revenue on education, allocate more money to impoverished students and distribute funds more equitably.