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in an equitable manner


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Protected Planet 2014 finds that the physical coverage aspect of the target is likely to be met, but highlights a lack of progress in other areas, such as: ensuring protected areas are appropriately located in areas important for biodiversity and ecosystem services, are effectively and equitably managed, and are well-connected.
Brom said, "Chapter 11 reorganization is now the best way available for us to compensate all of the victims as fairly and equitably as our resources will allow.
Speakers at the hearing were optimistic that changes could be made to simplify the system and simultaneously create a system that distributes aid more equitably.
All of this is a necessary precursor to distributing assets equitably among the creditors (see "In the Public Record," page 62).
Chapters address the reasons behind this disparity, promises for hope, global perspectives, and offer solutions to more equitably bring improved quality of life to all of India's people.
It is absolutely necessary to treat the sports equitably, and this is where the athletic director's leadership and influence may be required.
The court held that the limitations period for a [section] 1983 was equitably tolled during the pendency of the inmate's administrative grievance against officials, and that equitable tolling was also appropriate for the duration of the inmate's previous pro se [section] 1983 action arising from the same incident.
Ensuring birth parents are treated equitably in adoption law is absolutely the right thing to do," Community Resources and Employment Minister Joanne Crofford said.
As a Welshman and former serving soldier, I was dismayed to learn that in the Government's recent re-organisation of infantry regiments, Wales is being treated less equitably than Scotland.
So my question is why is Wales being treated less equitably and why are proud names and traditions being cast aside?
The goal is to permit debtors' going-concern value to be preserved and shared equitably among both existing creditors and future claimants, instead of being dismembered in a Chapter 7 "fire sale" liquidation with current creditors receiving far less and future claimants receiving nothing.
My department is committed to treating every veteran's claim fairly and equitably.
But it was also vital that poor countries were enabled to trade equitably, he said.
The IBWA believes water management policy must be science-based and treat all users equitably.
Because there is no universally accepted standard for adequacy, for this report, GAO examined (1) the sources and amounts of federal funding provided for BIA schools and how they are determined, (2) how BIA school budgets and expenditures compared to national per-pupil expenditures and expenditures for similarly situated public schools, and (3) how equitably various formulas distribute funding across BIA schools and whether they account for all relevant costs.