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We have pushed the majority of our furniture and equipment inventory well beyond its life span and have only sporadically replaced furniture and equipment in the past few years.
These assets will help to further strengthen our position in the west and southwest, and their purchase underscores our commitment to provide our customers with the country's most complete rental equipment inventory," said Thomas E.
Its technology enables the tracking and management of equipment inventory from the office, tool crib or any field location, delivering significant savings of both time and money to companies of all sizes.
Our organization has created a basic outline that includes a system for creating work orders, an equipment inventory and a basic maintenance schedule, as well as a filing system and administrative backup to ensure that the plan is being implemented.
NET also provides Penn Telecom with enhanced capabilities such as financial management, equipment inventory, trouble ticketing, collections management, number inventory, and electronic bill payment and presentment.
The most time-consuming aspect involved an equipment inventory for the Energy Control plan.
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