equipment failure

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Dealing with equipment failure happens on the enemy's time and never fits into your schedule.
Also, a separate equipment failure at the Sylmar converter station caused a dip in power throughout the city for less than a second that may have caused some lights to flicker and some sensitive equipment to reset itself, she added.
Almost every day in the past two months, passengers have reported that trains to, from and within North Wales, including Virgin trains and Arriva Trains, Wales, have suffered from delays, and equipment failures, actually causing or caused by a shortage of rolling stock.
minimum unscheduled downtime - By predicting equipment failure, PdM allows the equipment to be repaired before breakdown;
Most oil-maintenance regimens include a means of tracking the number of particles within a given size class because hard, micron-sized particulate has long been considered the chief culprit in hydraulic equipment failure.
He added that it is "too early to speculate as to the cost of repairs, the cause of the equipment failure and the time required for repairs.
Poor site selection is also an issue, especially if equipment failure causes the participant to fall from the zip line.
It's too easy to get things wrong or forget something, which could result in equipment failure.
NTT East, which suspects the disruption was the result of an equipment failure, said it has since identified the cause and launched repair work.
Ivara's method provided the framework for Catalyst's mills to improve their knowledge of mitigating equipment failure and managing failure when it happened.
WS-C2960XR-24PS-I 13 EACH AND WS-C2960XR-48LPD-I 5 EACH The City of Deltona requires direct advanced replacement within the first year with any equipment failure.
THE bid by Briton Ben Saunders (pictured) to become the fastest man to walk solo and unsupported to the North Pole has been halted because of equipment failure due to "appalling" ice conditions.
Other factors were equipment failure (n = 8, 19%), improper mixing, and other (n = 1, 2% each).
Whenever there's been an equipment failure, it is the passenger that suffers the inconvenience when timetables are disrupted.
DWP officials blamed the explosion on an equipment failure, said spokeswoman Carol Tucker.
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