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Le second navire implique dans la collision n'a pas, pour sa part, subi d'avaries "mettant en peril sa securite" et son equipage de 21 personnes, toutes de nationalite chinoise, "a deja ete secouru", selon le ministere.
It's part of the subtle encouragement to pursue ADS-B equipage sooner rather than later.
Ayant fait leur rencontre sur le rallye, les deux gazelles qui partagent la meme passion, ont decide cette annee de s'unir pour former un equipage marocain de choc portant les couleurs du Mcdonald's et vehiculant les valeurs nobles du Rallye.
In September 2014, doubters got a boost when the Department of Transportation's Inspector General (DOTIG) reported "ADS-B benefits are limited due to a lack of advanced capabilities and delays in user equipage.
Les forces de Minawi detiennent d'un equipage d'un helicoptere de l'ONU.
It also includes improvement of a border post Karamyk, modernization and equipage of terminals, construction of roads and pedestrian ways, provision of communications, electricity, water and creation of a 'sole window' in Kyrgyzstan.
Ainsi l'on rapporte qu'un cabinet repute de chasseur de tetes de Kyoto, specialise dans le recrutement des equipages pour le compte de grandes compagnies d'aviation asiatiques, considere qu'un equipage ideal doit comprendre 68% de personnes de groupe "A"(2).
HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalif aascribed the issuance of a Council's decision to development, restoration and equipage of existing sports installations which enables them to host more championships and sports events at various levels, pointing out that the Kingdom of Bahrain has become a preferable destination for championships and sports events by virtue of its efficient administrative and organizational human resources, adding that the support of HRH the Premier pushes us forward to work seriously and sincerely on accomplishing an excellent hosting of future sports championships, pointing out that the Kingdom of Bahrain shall host in the near future the All-GCC Championship next year.
troops, as well as equipage, load bearing equipment, special operations items and a portion of the requirement for the Ml6 magazine are provided through AbilityOne.
NextGen Equipage Fund Announces Public-Private Partnership.
Southwest is currently in discussions with Boeing (NYSE:BA) regarding substitutions of the -800s for the -700 positions and configuration and equipage options.
His goal was to return the Superbird to its precise appearance and equipage during the EPA testing runs in North Carolina.
These people know quality and set very high standards for their personal equipage.