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the great circle on the celestial sphere midway between the celestial poles

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Equinoctial is the longest-priced winner in British racing history, but Beechy Bank equalled the Flat record held by Theodore, who defied odds of 200-1 to lead home three stablemates in the St Leger of 1822.
Equinoctial (Norman Miller/Andrew Heywood) goes off at 250-1 as he beats Mister Moody (John
First point-to-point winner: Equinoctial, Askeaton, Co Limerick, February 11, 1990
EXPLORER'S AID: This mid 18th century brass universal equinoctial ring dial is signed on the outer ring which carries a 90 - 0 - 90 degree scale on one side and a 0 - 90 degree scale on the other.
how much ye strike All phantasies, not even excepting mine: A grey wall, a green ruin, rusty pike, Make my soul pass the equinoctial line Between the present and past worlds, and hover Upon their airy confine, half-seas-over.
Equinoctial is the longestpriced winner in British racing history, having won a novices' handicap hurdle at Kelso on November 21, 1990 at odds of 250-1.
The overall British record (Flat and jumps combined) is 250-1 by Equinoctial when he won over hurdles at Kelso in 1990.
The science behind this is not fully understood, but the two equinoctial periods in spring and autumn tend to produce an increase in aurora compared with winter and summer.
to the north] of the equinoctial line, they did not find the promontory of Cattigara".
37) While Martins focuses primarily on Darwin's work, such plurality is also apparent in the writing of Alexander von Humboldt, who later inspired Darwin and whose Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent had been translated into English and was widely read in the early nineteenth century.
The first naksatra of the Vedic calendar, the Pleiades, was closest to the equinoctial point in 2240 B.
1990: 250-1 shot Equinoctial won at Kelso to confound the bookies and go into the record books as the longestpriced horse ever to win a race in Britain.
winter, spring, summer, autumn) periods were based on the equinoctial points of the years in which the data were collected (i.
Equinoctial is the longest-priced winner in British racing history, having landed a novice handicap hurdle at Kelso on November 21, 1990, at odds of 250-1.