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separation of substances in solution by means of their unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes

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Free thyroxine measured by equilibrium dialysis and nine immunoassays in sera with various serum thyroxine-binding capacities.
It is important to note that free T measured by equilibrium dialysis requires a sensitive, specific, precise, and accurate assay for total T.
In the first experiment, preparative equilibrium dialysis was applied to the normal adult male serum as described above (200 [micro]L retentate vs 2400 [micro]L dialysate).
3] concentrations, as determined by equilibrium dialysis, usually remain within reference values, as does the serum TSH concentration.
Traditional measurement procedures separate FTe from the protein-bound Te fraction by equilibrium dialysis (ED) or ultrafiltration (UF).
Established methods that comply fairly well with the above-mentioned requirements are based on equilibrium dialysis (1, 5-7) and ultrafiltration (8-10) followed by quantification of the free hormone by RIA in the dialysate/ ultrafiltrate.
Direct one- and two-step immunoassays are then considered, comparing these in concept and performance with assays ranging from the FTI to the so-called "gold-standard" methods of equilibrium dialysis and ultrafiltration.
4] assays are substantially better than the original assays, few seem to be as analytically accurate as the direct equilibrium dialysis (ED) [FT.
Extremely low doses of heparin release lipase activity into the plasma and can thereby cause artifactual elevations in the serum-free thyroxine concentration as measured by equilibrium dialysis.
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