equilibrium constant

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(chemistry) the ratio of concentrations when equilibrium is reached in a reversible reaction (when the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction)

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The value of hydrogen ion [H+] is used to determine the concentrations of bicarbonate and carbonate from equilibrium constant equations, in Eqs.
1 the equilibrium constants reflect the solvating ability of donors, the strongest of them shifting the equilibrium most to the left.
3] attaches to NBA with the same equilibrium constant as was observed for the CH[Cl.
The equilibrium constants at different temperatures are shown in Figure 7.
1] and equilibrium constant K values for polyamides PA66 and PA6T6I prepared with water W = 21 wt%.
The equilibrium constant of which is a function of the input energy.
Table-1: Equilibrium constants of ionic liquid binding to SC4A in aqueous solution at 298 K (pH 2).
where is the degree of coverage on the metal surface C is the inhibitor concentration in the electrolyte and Kads is the equilibrium constant of the adsorption process.
The first step was to analyze the data at equilibrium to determine the equilibrium constant [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8 OMITTED].
The Van't Hoff equation was used to evaluate the variation of equilibrium constant with temperature in its linearized form:
The hydrogen bonding equilibrium constant and the (hydrogen bonding) rate constants were evaluated through the use of linear scan- and cyclic- voltammetry.
Similarly, the equilibrium constant describing inter-association with polyethers is smaller than that of polyesters, in contrast to the values reported by Coleman, et al.
Thermodynamic parameters are calculated by following equations: where ' 'is equilibrium constant, ' ' is equilibrium concentration of Co(II) ions in solution (mgl -1 ) and 'C i A e ' is the solid phase concentration (mgl -1 ) at equilibrium.
Langmuir isotherm properties can be expressed by the dimensionless coefficient of equilibrium constant RL which is defined as follow:
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