equilibrium constant

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(chemistry) the ratio of concentrations when equilibrium is reached in a reversible reaction (when the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction)

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The logarithms of these equilibrium constants are as follows (40):
B] BH and carrier diffusivity [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT Mobility ratio of carrier to REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] solute A for the first reaction [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT Dimensionless equilibrium constant REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] for the first reaction [zeta] = [square root of [L.
Numerical implementation of the analysis we describe requires knowledge of the equilibrium constants [K.
According to the Gaines and Thomas (1953) approach, the thermodynamic equilibrium constant ([K.
The sensitivity and detection limit for the sensor will depend mainly on the equilibrium constant for probe-analyte complexation, with selectivity determined by the equilibrium constant for analyte complexation relative to complexation of potential interferents.
However, ultracentrifugation of proteins can cause some disturbances of the equilibrium, and the equilibrium constant may change, e.
Ki is the equilibrium constant for the gas reaction and fi is the activity coefficient.
the equilibrium constant for the attachment of a molecule of dye onto a site by a specific combination of non-covalent forces.
c] equilibrium constant t time T temperature u (t) ratio of amount adsorbed at time t and amount absorbed at equilibrium
Consequently, the following association equilibria are considered (Scheme 2): (1) self association of Solvent 1 molecules, defined by a equilibrium constant [sigma.
where G denotes a magnesium compound, S the silane, and E an ether molecule, and K is the equilibrium constant and k the rate constant.
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