tightrope walking

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walking on a tightrope or slack rope


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Paul Klee (1879-1940) himself was a superb equilibrist, for arguably no other 20th-century painter balanced so much for so long, and on such a consistently high level.
Some unusual categories for onstage personnel include acrobat, animal trainer, dwarf, equestrian, equilibrist, fireeater, freak, giant, monologist, mountebank, oddity, posture maker, pugilist, reciter, ropedancer, ropeslider, strongman, trained animal, tumbler, and wrestler.
Acrobat and equilibrist, Anastasia brings glamour to the big top.
Glamorous 23-year-old acrobat and equilibrist, Anastasia, meanwhile, was discovered in Estonia.
This season's production includes Presto the magical clown, 22-year-old acrobat and equilibrist Anastasia from Estonia and juggler extraordinaire, Karl Ramwell.
Dubbed as the 'Magic of Water', the 40 dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, cable balancers and equilibrists on air mesmerised the audience for one and a half hours in a performance which exhilarated onlookers.
ventriloquists, equilibrists, knife-throwers, artists who made music on
Composed for the "Jeune Public" of the Val de Marne festival, Fort Gambo draws its inspiration from Hollywood cliches; Le Cirque Pandor, despite its mention of Chicago and its multiethnic cast, remains linked to the European tradition of vaudevillian acrobats, clowns, equestrian equilibrists, and gigantic and dwarfish monsters (Toulouse Lautrec, Rouault, Picasso's "Saltimbanques," Mallarme's "Pitre chatie," Laforgue's lunar dreamers).
from the I of "The Equilibrists," or "Spectral Lovers," or "Good Ships"; in these
Dubbed as the 'Magic of Water', the Russian Circus put on an awe-inspiring show exhibiting spectacular fire and water combinations, thrusting onlookers into a fantasy world filled with acrobats, equilibrists and gymnasts.