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graphs of water content, w, against suction, h), with the assumption of equilibration implying that h = [P.
Motility was also evaluated after fresh sperm samples were suspended in 4 different concentrations (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%: v/v) of DMSO, PG or GLY for 6 equilibration times (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 min).
Sperm motility decreased according to cryoprotectant concentration and equilibration time (Fig.
Pertinent properties of the soils and soluble salt concentration in 1:5 soil: water extracts extracted after 1 h equilibration are given in Table 1.
Chromium release was studied at various equilibration times: 0, 0.
The secret of including as much the living world as the inert realm in one single conceptual continuum lies in the equilibration of the matter aspect.
Judging always is the act of comparing the intrinsic law of the perceived phenomenon (percept) with the law imagined to correspond fully (concept), which is referred to by imagining it ideally (as a pure regularity) and a comparison is, again, an equilibration, a purely mental one.
A larger number of equilibrations was used compared with native Cd desorption because Cd could still be detected in the equilibrium solutions after 5 desorptions.
Native Cd desorption data are plotted as cumulative amounts of Cd desorbed ([micro]g Cd/kg) with 5 successive equilibrations in 0.