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stabilization by bringing into equilibrium

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3) Others, while acknowledging that Mises did have well-developed views on the subjective nature of expectations, claim that he failed to integrate these views into his discussion of price formation and the process of equilibration.
Treatment objective was to free the contact mandibular movements in all eccentric directions by occlusal equilibration as described by Glickma and Kersteins ICAGD techniqu.
Because of its higher tissue/blood partition coefficient, time to equilibration is longer for halothane than for sevoflurane; but even for halothane the equilibration of the brain as part of the vessel rich group is completed after 20 minutes (Equilibration half-time of 2 minutes).
In order to develop the relationship between P concentrations at different equilibration times, the experiments were conducted at 0.
But because of some influence factors, such as environmental temperature, molecular motion range, and interactions between the molecules, the adsorption amount would reach saturation at a certain temperature which was the equilibration temperature.
The equilibration time between the start of dilution of sperm and the start of cooling was 1 minute, with three replicates for each treatment.
It performs mobile phase purging and equilibration automatically for fast mobile phase switching and reliable data acquisition.
of Athens, Greece), argues that its failures come from being defined by methodological individualism, methodological instrumentalism, and methodological equilibration.
By requiring no startup time, no equilibration and minimal calibration, the system is always ready for analysis.
Additionally, when either the mobile phase or column is switched, flow channel cleaning and column equilibration occur automatically.
Several problems exist with traditional extractions such as long equilibration times or high pressures.
Updated presentations include information on diagnosing neuromuscular problems and treatment, the equilibration procedure, diagnosing bruxism and more.
Moreover, theoretical models struggled to explain the long temperature equilibration time found experimentally.
The assumption was that there's a very fast equilibration of the [sup.