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stabilization by bringing into equilibrium

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The equilibration and vitrification solution: The collected ovaries were randomly allocated to three groups: control or non-vitrified (n=8), toxicity test (n=18) and DCV (n=59).
The first 15 s of data were excluded to eliminate artifacts of initial temperature equilibration.
In order to shorten column equilibration time and mitigate column degradation, each sample is run on the column of interest using the same mobile phase before moving to a new mobile phase of interest.
Their more precise experiment in fact shows that the equilibration of the temperatures for hot electron and cool ions is actually three times slower than previous measurements have shown and more than ten times slower than the mathematical model predicts.
In practice, we are usually not interested in equilibrations that require >3 months because the status of the soil water in the field usually changes more rapidly than this due to climatic effects and also because the mechanisms involved cannot supply water to roots at a rate adequate for plant survival or growth.
The assumption was that there's a very fast equilibration of the [sup.
However, if there is significant occlusion between the thoracic and upper airway, the upper airway pressure equilibration will be delayed or absent compared to the onset of the negative pleural pressure.
An optimum equilibration time has been identified for all the concentrations of fluorides with all the defluoridating agents.
If air bubbles were found, these were carefully removed from the syringe after each analysis to avoid equilibration with room air.
The process of equilibration promotes progression toward increasingly complex forms of thought.
Calcium activity was defined as an uncorrected direct analysis using ion selective electrode and showed lower value than repeated addition, ultrafiltration and equilibration dialysis methods (Silanikove et al.
Each data point was collected after a 30 s equilibration time.
In this article the first evidence is provided for the equilibration of the occlusion after placing a Hall crown.
Treatment may include: Dental work Equilibration is a technique that involves adjusting the way the teeth meet so they fit together with equal contact and pressure between the upper and lower teeth when the jaw muscles are at rest.