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Instead, it is "composed of equilibrating, disequilibrating and non-equilibrating sub processes," and consequently "the arrival of new and better products and better methods of production is the result of unpredictable, disequilibrating and non-equilibrating processes.
67, the pH of the equilibrating suspension decreased with each addition of [H.
Gluelines were inspected on the EGAR boards before planing and after planing and equilibrating.
If it were agreed that oil would instead be priced in euros, the quoted market equilibrating price would still be 75 [euro] and therefore $120.
The MPS-1 measures the WP of the soil by equilibrating two well-characterized ceramic discs with the soil, measuring the dielectric permittivity of the ceramic to find its water content, and then calculating the WP of the ceramic through its moisture characteristic relationship.
And second, prescriptive stabilizing policies and structural adjustments strategies order equilibrating contributions to a new global economy, displacing non-market indigenous social institutions with "free market" mechanisms and supporting institutional practices that reproduce non-local patterns of economic agency.
Subsamples (1 g) of soil were placed in 50-mL centrifuge tubes, and 10mL of equilibrating solution (in a wide concentration range of 0.
The model including NZDAUD indicates that the cross exchange rate plays an equilibrating role to shocks impacting on New Zealand, and also to shocks impacting on one (but not both) of the Australian regions.
There are no equilibrating mechanisms or feedback loops in the Hobbesian jungle of predatory dictatorships and fanatical terrorist groups that give us any assurance that, if the United States were only to stand aside, things would go as well for us in the world as they possibly could.
The second choice is to extend such credits coupled with market transactions that, by equilibrating the amount of capital required with that consistent with the real economic risk, permit the credit extension to be both safe and profitable.
Equilibrating whole blood with CO increased the Hb-Quick's average reading by a small although statistically significant 2.
Of concern is to examine whether the US regional system conforms to the neoclassical theory of Hicks in which migration is seen as an equilibrating factor that tends to equalize income over space, or to Myrdal's disequilibrating model of cumulative causation.
Beckman Coulter introduced two new ARIES rotors (automatic rotor imbalance equilibrating system), the JS-4.