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Irrespective of the type of Locke solution used to equilibrate cells, all live-cell [O.
These results confirm an initial increase in SOM and suggest that SOM may equilibrate during the later stages of succession.
At that point, the oxygen level in the plasma equilibrates with the alveolar PO2.
Mouth pressure was recorded during airway occlusion under the assumption that mouth pressure equilibrates with alveolar pressure during transient interruption of airflow (Chowienczyk et al.
The glucose from the RBCs equilibrates with the glucose from the plasma portion as the test is being performed.
After only a few minutes, the gel equilibrates with the skin, and the test material, such as vitamin E, begins to migrate into the skin at a uniform pace.
This rebate acts as a price that equilibrates supply and demand in the securities lending market.
With steady-state administration, the fetal compartment equilibrates with maternal blood.