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The principle of the rapid marble tests method, proposed in this study, is based on the stability of the total alkalinity TA for equilibrated water during the 48 hours of a marble test.
To investigate this, preweighed quantities of HG-AgNPs composite were equilibrated in buffer solution of varying pH, in the range of 1-12 at physiological temperature 37[degrees]C.
Prior to exposure, subconfluent cells were equilibrated in Locke solution (Taylor-Clark and Undem 2010) for 2 hr at 37[degrees]C in 5% CO2.
Each test takes just five minutes and gives an accurate value for water activity (also known as Equilibrated Relative humidity, or ERI-1).
1]) is the amount of SOC that a specific soil can retain or capture in equilibrated conditions of soil functioning.
The vials were cooled to -4 [degrees] C and equilibrated for 45 min, whilst the system was pressurized with argon at approximately 25 psig.
7% buffered paraformaldehyde, equilibrated in 30% sucrose and cryosectioned at 30 [micro]m.
0 nm, freely equilibrated with the interior volume.
Sterile spinner flask (Bellco-Biotechnology) containing medium was placed in an incubator for 2 hours prior to cultivation so that the temperature and pH of the medium were equilibrated at 37C and 7.
In the face of the lack of adequate legislation, he proposes an equilibrated copyright theory that would justify legislative restrictions such as a pro-author default rule to be codified and applied by the courts, as well as other judicial interpretive principles and industry mechanisms in order to address the inadequacies of copyright treatment of freelance work.
4] addition, the pH was the highest for the solution equilibrated with the Ca/P = 1.
Unexpectedly, all warp values for the EGAR boards increased when planed and equilibrated to 12 percent MC; this result was opposite that of the conventionally sawn 2 by 4s, which indicated warp reduction would occur.
The hydrogels so prepared were equilibrated with distilled water for 24 hrs.
The control of the flowing area is assured by a conical equilibrated valve '3', whose position in respect to the seat '4' is determined by the value of the actuator power voltage.