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With respect to high population and rising demand for rice as a common food among Iranian families, domestic protection such as input subsidy for using high yield varieties and new irrigation systems should be considered in order to raise the elasticity of rice supply and equilibrate the domestic rice market.
The results of this study also show an initial increase, but then SOM equilibrates in the two oldest age classes in amounts not significantly different from either of the first two age classes.
The improvement has been particularly noteworthy in the lower-priced end of the market, where demand has started to equilibrate with supply.
The flow-interruption method was based on the idea that during the transient interruption of expired airflow, alveolar pressure would equilibrate with mouth pressure (Chowienczyk et al, 1991).
This is bad news because inventories need to come down considerably for the housing market to equilibrate.
The specimens were allowed to equilibrate in office conditions for several days.
The good news for the strong suppliers is that they've become stronger over the last few years, and the power equation between suppliers and OEMs has begun to equilibrate.
E=mc2), and serve to equilibrate, renew, and/or correct the unity between humankind and nature.
The buffered solution was then exposed to the atmosphere for 16 h to equilibrate P[C0.
Odds that China will undergo a nominal appreciation of the yuan sufficient to make a modest contribution to equilibrate excess demand domestically, by shifting production from traded to non-traded goods: 30 percent.
Place a fixed amount of health-care money in the hands of employees and dependents, engage them in the process of making smarter decisions about medical care and see the cost of health care equilibrate.
So long as the simulation time is long enough to equilibrate the system, the choice of the initial positions is not too critical.
We have to recoup it at some point, and this looks like a strong enough time to kind of equilibrate pricing.
Gamma prior distribution parameters were assumed for the variances of the Gaussian distributions, and a plot of the history of the simulation was used to determine the number of iterations required for the process to equilibrate.