equilateral triangle

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a three-sided regular polygon

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An equilateral triangle is constructed on this extended line so that its apex is just above the top vertex of the pentagon and its sides intersect the other pairs of sides of the pentagon.
Known as Star-gate, it is an almost perfect equilateral triangle of stars nestling inside another almost perfect equilateral star triangle.
The illustration above shows the first few cases of the best-known ways of packing a set number of same size equilateral triangles into an equilateral triangle.
After that, the Red Planet continues its migration eastward and forms a second equilateral triangle about a week later.
17), but the latter consists of a tall isosceles triangle containing an upside-down cross, while the Gordion graffiti appear to present--some examples have been truncated by breaks--an equilateral triangle with a single short vertical in the middle of its lowest side.
As far as the playing is concerned, it's very much an equilateral triangle, a thoughtful three-way conversation of equals.
If one starts with an equilateral triangle and cuts out a smaller equilateral triangle, one creates three triangles at the corners of the original.
Thrashers singing at sites A, B, and C roughly formed an equilateral triangle with spacing of ~150 m between thrashers.
From a typical smoothbore defensive shotgun, the positioning of the three buffered buckshot pellets in front of the slug causes them to assume a natural equilateral triangle pattern as they move down the bore, and they retain that distinctive impact pattern out to about 30 yards.
Rich was aware of the significance of the triangle in local Venda culture; a common arrangement is three dwellings placed in an equilateral triangle and linked with low walls.
While 78 percent of respondents reported getting A's and B's in math, this perception did not carry through to performance on a basic math quiz given during the survey that included the question, "How many sides does an equilateral triangle have?