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the same distance apart at every point

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We now assume that the knots are equidistantly distributed on a ray in [R.
For human gonads, we counted germ cells in 1 of 10 sections distributed equidistantly along the pieces of testis for the 7-week-old fetuses and 1 of 20 sections for later stages.
At the beginning we pick the particles equidistantly from an experimentally chosen interval.
Firm 3 is located equidistantly between firms 1 and 2, opposite to firm e, as depicted in Figure 1.
One of the most fascinating pieces in the exhibition, Lethe was an installation of thin fishing lines, hundreds of them, hanging down from the ceiling equidistantly from each other, onto which dead flies were attached at various lengths to create the impression of a swarm when looked at from a distance.
And I understand, / too well: how many times / have I made the decision to dwell / from now on / in the hour of my death / (the space I took up here / scarlessly closing like water) / and said I'm never coming back / and yet / this morning / I stood once again / in this world, the garden / dark and vacant / tomb of what / I can't imagine, / between twin eternities, / some sort of wings, / more or less equidistantly / exiled from both, / hovering in the dreaming called / being awake, where / You gave me / in secret one thing / to perceive, the / tall blue starry / strangeness of being / here at all.
Cover of grasses, forbs, bare ground, and litter was estimated at five 20 x 50-cm quadrat frames spaced equidistantly along each transect (Daubenmire 1959).
This led to the selection of eight specific colours that were spaced equidistantly across the visible spectrum and could be used as a diagnostic set in conjunction with a multi-coloured image that was used for assessment and confirmation of the visual perception changes.
As per the rules soaked seeds were equidistantly plated on three layers of wet blotter in Perspex plates and incubated at 22[+ or -]2oc.
After permitting the area, hundreds of sensors, known as "geophones," are spaced equidistantly across the area to be mapped.
The GFD consisted of a polyvinyl chloride cylinder (4 cm diameter x 10 cm long) onto which four strip FSRs (model 408, Interlink Electronics) were equidistantly placed along the entire length.
9) of each image were estimated for 93 parameters q equidistantly spread over the interval <-40,60>.