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the same distance apart at every point

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b], e is the (Chorley 1972) equidistance (10 m in this study) Morphometric parameters PT SBP Area 2188.
From this point, the maritime boundary runs along the equidistance line to Point B, and then along the 200-nautical-mile limit measured from the Chilean baselines to Point C.
India undoubtedly holds the patent of tolerance with the state maintaining equidistance from all faiths.
The TMC is equidistance from both parties, and we are quite sure that a third alternative, apart from the BJP and the Congress, will emerge.
20) (dissenting opinion of judge Tanaka) ("In the event that the customary law character of the principle of equidistance cannot be proved, there exists another reason which seems more cogent for recognizing this character.
Multiple transects were placed in areas wide enough to allow equidistance spacing of 700 m, providing a maximum 350 m search area on each side of a transect centerline.
The equidistance function of the Euclidean distance is commonly used to measure the similarity in the low-dimensional space.
This renunciation would allow Japan and Korea to delimit their EEZ boundary utilizing the equidistance line between Korea's Ullungdo and Japan's Oki Islands, which would also allow the two countries to resolve their fishing disputes.
In a possible reference to Cyprus' desire to join NATO's anteroom Partnership for Peace (PfP), Kasoulides said other countries needed to "review their position of neutrality and equidistance between the two sides of the Cyprus issue, and also view the issues that don't have anything to do with the dispute with Turkey, but have to do with the fact that we are the frontier, at least of the EU".
12) This admiration for the Turkish reality arises from its successful blending of economic stability and growth with political moderation as well as its leading the way in connecting secularism with religious freedom and its demonstrating a willingness and ability to pursue at equidistance diplomacy that accommodates geopolitical realities while managing to uphold national autonomy.
This formal equidistance, however, could give the advantage to companies directly controlled from the Kremlin, over transparent companies from EU countries.
I cannot anticipate the equidistance, I cannot know
191) The United States comes to this conclusion by looking to international caselaw and the equidistance principle.
6 Thus, we imagine a representation of the human being that seems altogether consistent with the idea of the autonomy of the subject, of its equidistance from all the affective possibilities inherent in its being sentient.