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Synonyms for equestrian

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To attract an internationally recognised equestrienne of Ms Phillips' standard to the Magic Millions Raceday and Carnival is a fantastic example of Queensland's growing status as a premier event and holiday destination.
When Degas watched Mile Lola being hauled up nightly by her teeth to the roof of the Cirque Fernando, or Renoir stared at the two little circus girls at the Medrano, or Lautrec saw the tight-rope dancers and equestriennes, they all knew they were in the presence of some kind of feat of balance, as precarious in its own way, and as daring, as their own at their desks or easels.
And then there is troubled, spoiled Cleo, the story's alternate narrator, banished to an equestrienne school in Canada where she meets Alex.
This design, albeit modified, is still used today as the epitome of the elegance of the side saddle equestrienne in the 21st century.
Jo and Katie take every chance they can to have a pop at one another but the vet assistant reaches a new low when she smacks her rival's horse causing the equestrienne to fall off.
Egyptian equestrienne Edith eats eggplant, eschews ecru earmuffs
It was there that Anne's love of horses grew and, after leaving school, she became an internationally-renowned equestrienne who represented her country at the Olympics and won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1971.
Recently going through the papers on Coolidge, I reread an embarrassing scene--embarrassing for whom I am not sure--about Grace Coolidge's having purchased a riding habit, that of an equestrienne, and asking her husband to see it as she tried it on.
In this context "Deer Grass," with its image of the equestrienne, explores the boundaries between mother and daughter, forest and savannah, pasture and town.
Kasey (Kim) Riley is an equestrienne with over twenty years of horse ownership, endurance riding, and rural living.
The Olympic-standard equestrienne favours a more relaxed, sporty look, and is often pictured with rugby star husband Mike Tindall in his and hers rugby shirts.
The Emirati equestrienne is brimming with confidence and has high hopes after her success in the FEI World Dressage Challenge at the Emirates Equestrian Centre last week, where she finished second on her new mare Mazurka Grafin Dubai Duty Free -- her final event before the Games.
Marie Antoinette, poor feckless Queen that she was, at one point in her fashion madness eschewed the formal flowing skirts of the side-saddle equestrienne and during her golden time at Versailles (before the guillotine fell) apparently scandalised the bon ton by cantering around the woods and terraces of the world's most beautiful palace in men's riding breeches.
She was a lifelong animal lover and in her younger years, an active equestrienne.