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an official charged with the care of the horses of princes or nobles

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a personal attendant of the British royal family

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Noverre was second in the Lockinge Stakes at Newbury last month, while the lighlty-raced four-year old Equerry maintained his unbeaten record with a win in the Group Three La Coupe at Longchamp earlier this month.
Stein was married to an equerry who was much her intellectual inferior, and Goethe fulfilled her need for spiritual companionship.
Ex-Marine Benjamin Herman, 79, has been charged with three counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault on the child when he was Philip's equerry - or personal attendant - at Buckingham Palace.
It is alleged the offences happened while former Marine Benjamin Herman, 79, was working as Prince Philip's equerry at the Palace in the early 70s.
PRINCE Harry was a guest at a Welsh church for the wedding of a close friend and former equerry.
Now he has received a letter from Prince Philip's equerry, Major Richard Maundrell.
Michael Clayton, former editor of the Horse & Hound, who hunted with the Quorn throughout most of Farrin's term, said: "The Prince of Wales, the Crown Equerry Sir John Mills, and many racing people, including Dick Hern, Barry Hills and Willie Carson, were among Michael's admirers.
His friend Major Hugh Lindsay, 34, former equerry to the Queen, was killed.
AMERSEYSIDE woman was yesterday revealed as the first female equerry for the Prince of Wales.
The former royal equerry is being helped through his heartbreakby 6ft blonde actress Lisa Hogan, 37.
Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (right), a former equerry to the Queen Mother, is joining Clarence House as the royal brothers' key aide.
Businessman Alun, a former Army major and one-time equerry to Prince Charles, was trapped under 18 inches of snow for 15 minutes in the Turkish resort of Palandoken last week.
The source said the Queen is believed to have stayed in touch with Lady Murray ever since befriending her husband, who is said to have served in the Royal household as an equerry - looking after her horses.
But a letter from the Prince's equerry said: "While his Royal Highness was grateful to you for bringing this matter to his attention, I am afraid he cannot become involved.
First there were the thoughts of Alun Davies, former equerry to the Prince of Wales ("He has done nothing but good for Wales.