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a telescope whose mounting has only two axes of motion, one parallel to the Earth's axis and the other one at right angles to it

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of or existing at or near the geographic equator


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The archeopyle is intercalary, elongated equatorially, subtrapezoidal with rounded angles, formed by the 2a paraplate, which is often attached.
A well-aligned computerized telescope can point to it in daytime, or you can offset an equatorially mounted scope by the correct amount of right ascension and declination from the Sun.
A test particle approaching the rotating point-charge or the rotating point-mass equatorially experiences the effects only of the non-rotating situation of each configuration respectively.
About 7 million to 8 million years ago, humans began to diverge from great apes in Africa, which, though still equatorially warm, began to dry out.
This oscillation is also partly linked to the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO), which is a 30-60 day oscillation in tropical convection linked to an equatorially trapped Kelvin wave.
Ringrose-Voase (1991) noted that the diameters of aggregates seen in thin section are not always sectioned equatorially, so the solid star length measurements should not be used interchangeably with clod diameter data.
In embryos of echinoids with typical feeding larvae, the symmetry of cleavage is interrupted at the fourth cell division: the animal pole quartet of cells divides meridionally and equally, whereas the vegetal quartet of cells divides equatorially and unequally to yield a quartet of small daughter cells (micromeres) at the vegetal pole of the embryo.
Also, and possibly because of the different portioning of the cytoplasm in the single-cell zygote prior to its first cleavage, this asynchronous division also occurs along differing planes, called "rotational cleavage," where one cell divides meridionally (top-to-bottom), while the other divides equatorially (left-to-right).
The NMR spectra of the sugar acetates showed that Lemieux's guess was right, and that an equatorially oriented hydrogen atom of a pyranoside generally gave rise to a signal at a lower field than did an otherwise identical hydrogen which was axial.
In 1900, the famed Alvan Clark & Sons offered an equatorially mounted 3-inch refractor for the equivalent of $4,000 today.
SB1c) shows the largest 20[degrees]C changes concentrated within a few degrees of the equator and along the coast, as would be expected from the passage of an equatorially trapped downwelling Kelvin wave that transferred energy into a downwelling coastally trapped wave.
A raffle of a 5-inch equatorially mounted Newtonian (donated by Ed and Auke), proved very popular.
The telescope is best equatorially mounted, and the speaker found his 200mm Maksutov-Cassegrain effective as with a focal length of 4000mm it delivers a good sized image.
2002); on lower frequencies, during warm periods equatorially forced Rossby waves are dominating and during cold periods these waves appear to be forced by a combination of coastal wind and equatorial forcing (Hormazabal et al.