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the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

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The rings of Saturn lie in the equatorial plane of the planet, which means that at the March equinox on Saturn, the Sun rises for the northern side of the rings and sets for the southern side, whereas at the September equinox the Sun rises for the southern side of the rings and sets for the northern side.
According to sources in Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco), the satellite would be launched at a longitude of 38 degrees in geostationary orbit on the equatorial plane at an altitude of 36,000km above the earths surface.
However, the 20-year-old Skynet-4C satellite is in an inclined orbit and drifts slightly above and below the equatorial plane as it orbits the Earth.
Both the ring and Phoebe orbit Saturn at a 27-degree incline to the planet's equatorial plane.
By having students switch positions across an equatorial plane, the class can better understand the random partitioning of homologues.
For the first time ever worldwide, air can be seenUsing a revolutionary lighting system, the balloon now informs city dwellers in real time on atmospheric pollution, via two distinct indexes:-Ambient air quality, reflected through general illumination of the balloon using three projectors located upon the envelopeCOs equatorial plane, with better night time visibility.
2][psi] method" [17-18], based on the collection of diffraction data at various tilts of the specimen about the axis perpendicular to the scattering direction and lying in the equatorial plane ([psi] angle).
The transformation on the equatorial plane is discussed in detail.
Invariably the authors distinguish three orientations in the spherulite, as do BaltaCalleja and Peterlin (8): the equatorial plane perpendicular to the tensile direction, the diagonals of the spherulite and the meridional region parallel to the tensile direction, in which the lamellae are separated, sheared and compressed respectively.
They believe that some 500 billion years ago, another tectonic shift caused the planet to veer a full 90 degrees, sending both poles into the equatorial plane and, quite possibly, prompting the "Cambrian explosion" of multicellular life.
KOMPSAT, known in Korea as Arrirang I, is in a 685 kilometer, sun-synchronous orbit at 98 degrees to the Earth's equatorial plane.
At least the surface of the tread strip comprises a first polymer compound extending at least into the region of the equatorial plane and at least one second polymer compound having physicochemical properties that differ from those of the first polymer compound, the crown reinforcing structure comprising at least one layer of circumferential reinforcing elements which are distributed in the transverse direction with a variable pitch and the pitch between the circumferential reinforcing elements being at a minimum in the region of the layer of circumferential reinforcing elements that radially face the ends of the first compound.
Ultra-relativistic particles move very fast and cannot be at the right frequency with waves when they are close to the equatorial plane," said Ksenia Orlova, a UCLA postdoctoral scholar in Shprits' group who is funded by NASA's Jack Eddy Fellowship.
As a first step we consider the convergence properties of R and the symmetry properties of T with respect to the equatorial plane [theta] = [pi]/2.