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a telescope whose mounting has only two axes of motion, one parallel to the Earth's axis and the other one at right angles to it

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of or existing at or near the geographic equator


References in classic literature ?
In the Cordillera of Equatorial South America, glaciers once extended far below their present level.
On the lofty mountains of equatorial America a host of peculiar species belonging to European genera occur.
Watson has recently remarked, 'In receding from polar towards equatorial latitudes, the Alpine or mountain floras really become less and less arctic.
And this was natural enough, as we were in an equatorial forest, with the sun right above our heads, an African forest.
With the exception of a wren with a fine yellow breast, and of a tyrant-flycatcher with a scarlet tuft and breast, none of the birds are brilliantly coloured, as might have been expected in an equatorial district.
For a moment Bulan stood watching the retreating savages, a smile upon his lips, and then as the sudden equatorial dawn burst forth he turned to face the girl.
Above the equatorial regions the radiant orb almost invariably occupies the zenith, and does not pass the limits of the horizon in the polar regions; thus, according to each region, there reigns a perpetual winter, spring, summer, or autumn, as in the planet Jupiter, whose axis is but little inclined upon its orbit.
Just to have seen him there, lolling upon the swaying bough of the jungle-forest giant, his brown skin mottled by the brilliant equatorial sunlight which percolated through the leafy canopy of green above him, his clean-limbed body relaxed in graceful ease, his shapely head partly turned in contemplative absorption and his intelligent, gray eyes dreamily devouring the object of their devotion, you would have thought him the reincarnation of some demigod of old.
The other apes of the tribe of Kerchak moved listlessly about or lolled restfully in the midday heat of the equatorial jungle.
The village was sunk in the quiet of the great equatorial sun-heat.
Their caravans traverse these equatorial regions on all sides; and they even make their way to the coast in search of those articles of luxury and enjoyment which the wealthy merchants covet; while the latter, surrounded by their wives and their attendants, lead in this charming country the least disturbed and most horizontal of lives--always stretched at full length, laughing, smoking, or sleeping.
Following the report of the Attorney General of the State of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has issued with the details about the events and the people involved in the terrorist and mercenary coup attempt against our State, and about assassination against our President, happened in the month of December 2017, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea carries out the following manifestations:
TAP)- Eight partnership agreements were signed Tuesday by Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea, on the fringes of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's visit.
THE President of Equatorial Guinea, Mr Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, on Tuesday met with President Muhammadu Buhari behind closed doors at the State House, Abuja.
Equatorial Guinean Literature in its National and Transnational Contexts