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an imaginary line around the Earth forming the great circle that is equidistant from the north and south poles

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a circle dividing a sphere or other surface into two usually equal and symmetrical parts

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The sun's surface does not rotaterigidly,, uniformly at the same speed; latitudes nearer the equator rotate faster than the polar ones.
The Equator implementation is included as an option in the Equator EMK1601 Windows Media manufacturing ready kit, and is ready now for inclusion in other OEM applications.
Sebastian Moritz, CEO of Dicas says: "We are delighted to work with market leaders such as Pace and Equator in integrating our AVC decoding software into this product.
Our investment in this technology, and VC-1 advanced compression video codec, the proposed SMPTE standard based on Windows Media Video 9 in particular, is now paying off for our OEMs,"said Richard Christopher, president and CEO of Equator Technologies.
Equator develops and markets video-centric system-on-chip devices which provide media services via software.
Over 18 months Equator worked on the strategy, design and front end development of the website, which aims to increase brand awareness of the bank and provide a simple but engaging user experience for bank customers.
The purchase price for Equator was GBP 33m (USD 41m) on a cash-free, debt-free basis, subject to a working capital adjustment.
Winning groups join a prestigious network of 208 community-based organizations from 70 countries that have been awarded the Equator Prize since 2002.
Louis Taylor, UKEFs Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the move, saying: In adopting the Equator Principles, UKEF joins international financial institutions and export credit agencies including numerous partner banks with which UKEF works frequently.
Because the Sun's equator rotates faster than its poles, the rotation twists and disrupts the magnetic field, creating sunspots, loops, and massive ejections of charged particles and radiation.
In other words, Equator likes to look for the best solution rather than the easiest one.
Equator also plans to offer several new modules in 2011 which will seamlessly interface with existing modules to offer a best in class, end-to-end default suite to assist servicers with upcoming inventories.
The Equator Principles are a set of voluntary environmental guidelines created to manage environmental degradation that results from large-scale developmental projects in the Third World.
ANSWER: The equator passes through a relatively small number of countries.
On2 Technologies' VP6 codec now runs in high definition (1280 x 720p) on Equator Technologies BSP-15 processor.