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an imaginary line around the Earth forming the great circle that is equidistant from the north and south poles

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a circle dividing a sphere or other surface into two usually equal and symmetrical parts

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To illustrate that idea, Saitta says a national map on the Equator system indicates areas where empty properties need to be winterized to avoid frozen water pipes.
Founded in 2003, Equator is the leading provider of default software solutions.
The Equator chip has been at the forefront of our codec development and we have, once again, introduced a new product on their chip," said Douglas A.
The Equator Principles create standards--on the use of renewable resources, socioeconomic impacts, involuntary resettlement, impact on indigenous communities, efficient use of energy, and pollution prevention--which banks may use to judge potential investment projects.
If this variation accounts for changes in equatorial wind speed, that speed should change noticeably in about 7 years, the next time Saturn's equator is tipped toward the sun, comments John T.
The second mission was a 22-hour test May 1 over the equator west of Hawaii.
2 The sun's equator, which moves faster than the poles, tugs at each field line and pulls it out of shape.
The EQ Invoice Module is available for all existing Equator clients as well as companies that have yet to leverage Equator's solutions.
According to Equator, its Loan Segmentation Module has decisioned more than 875,000 loans since early 2011 and more than $150 billion in assets have been sold through its platform since 2003.
Founded in 2003, Equator is the premier provider of software solutions for the default servicing industry.
On March 20, 2005, the sun's rays will again shine directly on the equator.
With our experience in advanced system development, this new partnership with Equator will provide MAP-CA customers in Asia a fast time-to-market alternative to in-house development of MAP-CA based products.
The [new] finding raises significant questions about how water could have flowed from the poles to the equator," says study coauthor James W.
That's when glaciers crept within 11 degrees of the equator, to about the latitude of the modern border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, new research suggests.
Equator CEO, Chris Saitta, explained, "GRF recognizes that automation is a means to greater efficiency and transparency.