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Ada and the Equational Theory of If-Then-Else", Algebra Universalis 30 (1993), 373-394.
Vojtechovsky, The varieties of quasigroups of Bol-Moufang type: An equational approach, J.
In [11] it has been shown that the underlying algebraic structure is the one of a Kleene algebra with tests [5], and the corresponding equational axioms can be exploited to reason about the story space and the plot on a propositional level, in particular for the purpose of personalisation.
The final chapter offers further observations on constituent order in equational sentences (290), verbal clauses (290-95), and complex sentences (295-98).
s (1991) equational account is that it, quite matter-of-factly, spans an uncertain space.
This is an equational construction which strongly implies that new things might be 'mistaken'-- in contrast to things vakavanua.
The spreadsheet is incomparably more flexible than the standard marginal analysis conducted with the calculus, because the spreadsheet handles multi-period analyses - which are at the core of all difficult firm decisions - with perfect ease; it does not require simple equational forms, as does the calculus.