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Of course, if [alpha] is the Dirac delta function, (2) reduces to the classical constitutive equation of a hyperelastic material.
Substituting (2) into (1) and differentiating both sides of the resulting equation with respect to x, we rewrite the equation of motion for the strain [U.
Responsive design that allows users to find and solve equations on desktop computers or tablets,
Ability to create new worksheets using any combination of text, math and units for engineering equations and formulas, pictures and graphs
Abdollahzadeh: Exact travelling solutions of some nonlinear evolution equation by (G'/G)-expansion method, J.
Aslan: Symbolic computation and exact and explicit solutions of some nonlinear evolution equation in mathematical physics, Commun.
If this correction is implemented in Siegfried's paper from his Equation (11) onward, then we obtain the following alternative representation of Equation (1):
As Siegfried suggests, Equation (6) might be much easier to understand than Equation (1) because it is much less terse than Equation (1).
The above example raises a question: does squaring both sides of an equation always interject extraneous roots?
The equation y = x - 2 can be graphed by using the x-intercept of the line.
We are postulating that this Cockroft-Gault equation is better to estimate bone," because it includes factors such as weight and age, and is adjusted for body surface area, Dr.
Many clinicians use the MDRD equation to estimate renal function.
Step 1 Suppose that equation (2) has the wave traveling solution u(x, t) = U([xi]) = U(x - VT).
Step 3 substituting (1) into (3), we get a rational fractional equation
Taking into account equations (210) and (211), as summarized in equation