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Synonyms for equating

the act of regarding as equal

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Far more common is the ploy of equating the Israelis with the Nazis: posters depicting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a swastika armband, comments about "the Zionist S.
The argument equating 'an inherited basis of behaviour which originally evolved to ensure [our] survival' with landscape preference and experience is apt, but to simultaneously equate it with aesthetics and the beautiful is grossly over-simplistic.
Alina von Davier is an acknowledged leader in the field when it comes to equating," says John Mazzeo, Vice President of Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis & Psychometric Research (SADAPR) in ETS's R&D division.
The strongest sales price range was that of single-family homes priced below $2,500,000, which increased from the first quarter 2011 (11 sales equating to 40.
Looking first at a ppm, equating MR and MC (second-order conditions are ignored) implies the firm sets a price that is a multiple of the MC of its optimal output; more specifically, the firm's optimal price is equal to the MC of its optimal output multiplied by an expression equal to: the absolute value of the price elasticity of demand at its optimal output divided by that absolute value minus 1.