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in full control of your faculties

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To be fair to a dead man, despite his Ramrajya project, I found him amiable and equanimous in striking contrast to his overbearing hacks and march-past foot-soldiers like the Alvareses, Bajajs, Govindacharyas, Gurumurthys, and the RSS field-marshal K.
Framarin proposes that these Indian texts actually distinguish between a type of purpose that is equanimous (iccha in the Brahmasiddhi, vairagya in the Nyayasutra) and desires that are phenomenologically salient (raga and dveya in both texts).
Koch's capacious knowledge of the primary material is doubled, then, by an equanimous engagement with many varieties of criticism--from French to Anglo-American, from specialist studies of the history of gastronomy to the high theory of Derrida and Althusser.
The almost eighty-year-old Cage appeared in Bratislava-like a Taoist sage, serene and equanimous, with his answers to questions (in Merce Cunningham's words) "always marvellous".
Secondly, during 2000-2008, we can speak about an equanimous attitude towards the communist legacy, or the impossibility to eliminate from the society the points that enchain those two faces of the Romanian society, ante- and post- Decembrist.
Burden may be as equanimous a narrator as any in fiction.
In this equanimous space, the mind comes to rest on its own accord and the meditator begins to gain insight into its habitual tendencies.
Numerous studies have shown that individuals are not always equanimous in the application of fair procedures.
Now that the weather is getting colder and the pennant races are in full swing, I am the world's most equanimous person.
Their circuitous journey brings them in contact with, among others, Taser-wielding cops, angry Asian gamblers, a perky stripper (a chipper Heather Graham) with newly forged ties to Stu, and an unexpectedly equanimous but not infinitely patient Mike Tyson (played, in a bold stroke of casting, by Tyson).
In recent days my normally calm and equanimous temperament has been tested to the very limit by what can only be described as a barrage of text messages from all manner of establishments.
I wish they could become more equanimous about their epistemological position and less assuming in their methodological self-image.
The land's endless potential was echoed by Nothing essayist Karen Demavivas, who describes the land as striving to become a micro-utopia of conscious daily acts that "propagate an equanimous life in the present for the betterment of a community, and more broadly, society.
The lie detector appealed particularly to Americans because it accorded with our Manichean ethics, seemed to fulfill our aspiration that the law be objective and equanimous, attested that personal virtue was a form of patriotic loyalty, assured us, in the atomic age, that some of our most troubling science was managed by responsible hands for noble purposes, and suggested naively that crime might be not morally complex but scientifically simple.
Newton's universe provided an image for an equanimous social coherence underpinning the apparent disorderliness of human endeavor.