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in full control of your faculties

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Complete altruism and total apathy are alike in being apparently rational states for an equanimous being to adopt.
The lie detector appealed particularly to Americans because it accorded with our Manichean ethics, seemed to fulfill our aspiration that the law be objective and equanimous, attested that personal virtue was a form of patriotic loyalty, assured us, in the atomic age, that some of our most troubling science was managed by responsible hands for noble purposes, and suggested naively that crime might be not morally complex but scientifically simple.
Newton's universe provided an image for an equanimous social coherence underpinning the apparent disorderliness of human endeavor.
Beech argues that, eventually, mid 20th-century European concentration camps will see more or less equanimous tourism.
Based on an exhaustive search of printed sources, this book provides an equanimous evaluation of evidence fraught with polemic and exaggeration.
Equanimous awareness is open to acknowledge events as they occur instead of being biased by some intimate set of distractions.
It becomes clear, however, that it is Hans who is dependent on the more equanimous Le Petit.
The answer lies in a sixth, unmentioned category: the Equanimous, the Inclusive, call it what you will (want of space prevents the full caricatural elaboration this type deserves).
Not everyone is as equanimous as Oxford historian Timothy Garton Ash.
The surgeon didn't cut my penis off," his father said in an equanimous tone, as if describing something that had been done to someone else.
Wang would certainly have rejected this equanimous view of death.
It is all presented in CUNLIFFE's equanimous and simple style, complemented by a most attractive lay-out and graphics so that the reader is barely aware of the immense store of learning offered here.
But as it became clear that these psychological formulations were insufficient in themselves to remedy his epistemological problem, Hazlitt developed a more equanimous attitude to the possibility that there might actually be no solution to the problem of knowledge.