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electronic equipment that reduces frequency distortion


a weight that balances another weight

a score that makes the match even

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With the strong market adoption of our previous generation equalizers by Tier 1 customers, we expect rapid market deployment of the GS2993 and GS2994 as customers take advantage of the increased intelligence and functionality of these new products in their next generation routers and switchers.
The semifinal was well fought with the Equalizers battling it out with the EMRILL Celtics and University of Wollongong playing against SP Jain University.
OK, this kind of makes it looks like equalizers are not all that helpful.
NASDAQ: MSPD), a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, today introduced an adaptive equalizer with the longest reach and lowest output jitter for serial digital interface (SDI) applications.
today introduced the industry's first quad equalizer specifically designed for PCI Express (PCIe) applications up to 8 Gbps data transmission rates.
However, equalizer diddling to correct for this phenomenon may do more harm than good, and I am not talking about mysterious, non-measurable artifacts that some equalizer-haters ascribe to equalizers, but am instead referring to the impact of frequency-response corrections and differences on the direct and reverberant fields at or near the system crossover points.
Cable Equalizer Achieves Unprecedented Performance Accelerating 3Gb/s Deployment for Video Broadcast Applications
22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- A new programmable quad equalizer from National Semiconductor Corporation extends the reach of high-speed serial buses up to 10 Gbps data transmission rates, while consuming only 94 mW per channel.
Specifically, when one is using both the analyzer and one [or two] equalizers, the sequence of connection to the preamp is not clear.
Our unrivaled HOTLink SERDES enable the highest quality of transmissions and the scalability to meet a wide range of industry standards, while our video equalizers maintain this quality standard and offer flexible data rates.
In the end I found that I could achieve somewhat better results, and do so more easily, by employing a thirty-band (one-third-octave) unit to smooth out every little dip and peak, without the need to also use a multitude of counter corrections to null out the overlap that inevitably happens when using equalizers having one-octave-wide control settings, with their typically rather broad correction slopes.
Both equalizers deliver industry-leading jitter performance and have 160 mW typical power consumption with a 3.
DGEP equalizers are modular subsystems that provide gain flattening and tilt control in optical networks.
SD/DVB-ASI Video Equalizers Deliver Industry-Leading Cable Length Support and Power Utilization to Altera's Complete System Solution for Broadcast Market