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  • verb

Synonyms for equalize

draw level


  • draw level
  • level the score
  • square the score
  • make the score level

Synonyms for equalize

to make equal

to put in balance

Synonyms for equalize


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The equalized receiver emulation includes FFE (Feed Forward Equalization) and DFE (Decision Feedback Equalization), as well as clock recovery and a variable decision threshold.
Strong increases in equalized values of city property have significantly reduced overall debt from 5.
68% of equalized value including underlying debt of the county's major cities.
It increases equalized cable lengths by 25 percent when using lower-quality co-axial cable, and by as much as 50 percent or more when using higher-quality co-axial cable.
Transelectrica Long-Term Ratings Equalized at 'BB-' After
City of Budapest Foreign and Local Currency Ratings Equalized
Together they will visit lawmakers equipped with valuable industry data, research and perspective with which to convince them that the cuts need to be eliminated or equalized in order to preserve the most convenient, accessible and cost-effective cancer care system in the world.
Commercial attractiveness due to its proximity and accessibility to New York City should maintain diversity in the county's equalized valuation and support continued regentrification outside the two main growth cities of Hoboken and Jersey City.
The 2003 budget represents almost no growth in expenditures, over 2002, with a reduction in the nominal tax rate to adjust for significant increases in equalized property valuations.
The city's debt burden is high as compared to the city's equalized property value and on the city's annual budgets.
5% annually since 1998, while equalized market value continued its large annual increases, averaging 8.