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development of proposals to improve themethodological support to relations in the sphere of the budget sufficiency equalization.
Equalization grants were adjusted to reflect the costs of higher salaries of municipal employees, as well as to correct costs of utility charges for budget institutions.
The court while adjourning the hearing of the case till November, 25 sought the record on recovery of equalization surcharge on electricity bills.
The Expatriate Tax Services team includes highly specialized professionals who understand the complex policies of tax equalization and settlement formulas.
Sometimes equalization can be accomplished with slightly congested patients by using a quick acting spray decongestant such as oxymetazoline (Afrin), which has an onset of 10-15 minutes (duration 5-6 hours).
Although money has been allotted for equalizing school budgets statewide -- in the 2004-05 budget $80 million and in the '05-06 budget $30 million -- SB 361 seeks to end the debate inequity by allotting $159 million to equalization.
The Canadian Federal-Provincial Equalization Regime: An Assessment, Canadian Tax Paper No.
Consumer sales tax refunds from the Board of Equalization.
Getting the mechanics down A typical tax equalization policy estimates the tax the expatriate would have owed had he or she stayed at home.
immediate work on a strengthened and fairer equalization program formula, including as one possible alternative, a ten-province standard that recognizes the volatility around resource revenues, and comprehensive revenue coverage;
Adaptive active filtering (AAF): Also known as "receiver equalization with filtering," AAF is a closed-loop method of improving received signal quality by amplifying the fundamental frequency of the signal in the receiver while filtering noise and other undesirable components.
To ensure that the employees were fairly compensated for accepting this assignment, the company engaged an outside public accounting firm to prepare their income tax returns, and calculated the cost equalization of income taxes, housing and other personal living expenses.
The question of national equalization of funding ought to be debated before the more familiar but arguably premature proposals like national school choice and national school standards.
A tax equalization program is a voluntary system by which both the employer and the employee pay their respective shares of the latter's global tax burden.