equality before the law

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the right to equal protection of the laws

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My reason really for being here is just to express solidarity, to express my support and that of my Government, for individual freedom and equality before the law for all citizens.
State organs and administrative authorities shall act in compliance with the principle of equality before the law in all their proceedings.
Macovei is a firm defendant of the monitoring mechanism that the EU is executing upon both Bulgaria and Romania, because, as she has stated, it has been created to serve the people who want free justice, fight against corruption practices and equality before the law.
The petition said that the judiciary was a guardian and guarantor of the fundamental rights of the people, particularly in relation to equality before the law, equality of status, equality of opportunity, freedom of expression, belief, faith, worship and association and rendering of social, economic and political justice.
According to the experts, these and many other examples show that the equality before the Law is only a vague rhetoric of the Prime Minister in order to justify the actions in the Albanian municipalities.
I'm proud to be here today because supporting the gay community, its rights, its equality before the law, that's part of what defines me as a human being," he said.
The discipline of a state is a product of its constitution and is exercised through fearless implementation of its laws while ensuring the fundamental principles of equality before the law, equal treatment before the law and due process of the law", the PM said.
Right-wingers who loathe all things European, workers' rights and equality before the law included, may think sentiment, not profit, is the primary driver of inward investment to the UK But they are wrong.
But at its root the fight for the passage of the amendment was over fundamental political questions concerning the nature of man, the meaning of liberty, and the need of equality before the law.
The defense counsel for the four indicted men had argued that the court was established illegally, violated Lebanese sovereignty and had selective jurisdiction, in violation of the principles of fairness and equality before the law.
We should not even have needed to spell all this out, as in developed democracies in which equality before the law is the main guiding principle, these provisions are taken for granted.
IR - British democracy is guided by the understanding that all its citizens have equality before the law.
One issue in particular demonstrated the hypocrisy, fueled by racism, that rendered equality before the law a hollow promise.
These established a precedent--framed as equality before the law, without discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation--and influenced public opinion and the media.
Only the one, democratic state solution recognizes that reality and can transform it from a "Jewish" state to a country of all its citizens with equality before the law.