equality before the law

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the right to equal protection of the laws

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The business group said investors would only feel safe if the principle of equality before the law, rule of law and independence of judiciary are upheld in a country.
Thirdly: political factors which have resulted from the expansion of the government intervention in the economic and social fields and providing more services to individuals and groups, which have led to the escalation of demands for more political participation according to the rule of law and equality before the law.
We also expect them to stand for equality before the law and the application of the law.
It fulfills a central demand of peoples everywhere for societies guided by clear rules and the principle of equality before the law," Wenaweser said.
His lawyers claimed the decision to try him before the SCC rather than a jury in the ordinary courts breaches his rights under the Constitution and European Convention on Human Rights - including his right to fair procedures, his good name and equality before the law.
IR - British democracy is guided by the understanding that all its citizens have equality before the law.
One issue in particular demonstrated the hypocrisy, fueled by racism, that rendered equality before the law a hollow promise.
These established a precedent--framed as equality before the law, without discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation--and influenced public opinion and the media.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has wisely decided, in keeping with Israel's long-established principles of democracy and equality before the law, that if Israel is going to institute an oath of allegiance, it must be applicable to all.
Only the one, democratic state solution recognizes that reality and can transform it from a "Jewish" state to a country of all its citizens with equality before the law.
Instead, he hailed the rich, shared inheritance, founded on the principles of equality before the law, freedom, personal responsibility and active citizenship, of the two coalition parties.
Modern Europe belongs to no single religion, but does uphold the stated values of religious freedoms; and while individuals and individual religions have rights, so too does the state, especially in matters of security and equality before the law.
National gay rights efforts are important, Jones says: "If you want equality before the law, you need to focus your attention on the federal government.
It brings on a process of profound and irreversible changes that open the way, if not to the best possible of all worlds, at least to a better world, in the sense that it offers all of our children more possibilities for equality before the law, and above all, more possibilities for equality in Me," he said.
aa "These are fundamental requisites for good governance, the separation of powers, the preservation of individual and collective freedoms, respect for the rule of law and equality before the law.